Car Battery Chargers

  jack O'lantern 15:10 23 Dec 2010

My daughter asked to borrow my car battery charger.
This is an itm I seldoim have to look for thankfully,so I dug it out to pass on to her- when I noticed a label that told of its suitability for certrain engine sizes.-upto 2 litre
This got me to wondering as I changed the car from a 1.3 petrol to 1.5 deisel, would this mean a new charger?
Are batterys for larger engines petrol and diesel cars different in some way?
Higher Amp Hour capacity perhaps - but then why would a different charger come into play- or have I got it all wrong -- again?

  onthelimit 15:33 23 Dec 2010

Larger cars/diesels have higher capacity batteries. Any charger will do, but a lower rated one will take longer to charge the higher capacity batteries.

30 ampere hour battery will charge in 10 hours at 3 amp.

60 ampere hour battery will take 20 hours using the same charger.

  eedcam 15:48 23 Dec 2010

Also not all battery chargers charge all types of battery some are not lead acid these days be sure she checks her manual

  Diemmess 17:47 23 Dec 2010

To add to the valid points already made....

Your daughter may be at the end of her battery's life and even the best charger will not restore it.
At least your old charger will cost her nothing but there can come a point where a new battery is unavoidable!

Very low ambient temperatures for a battery will make the engine wheeze on a cold morning even with a new battery.

  jack O'lantern 19:33 23 Dec 2010

Valid point Diemess and one I made- it is a Y plate car and we guess she has had it 4 years.
I asked her to look for manufacrurers label to ceck its age.
She has yet to report back.
If not part of the MOT as such it is such a vtal component that I am surprised there is not a max life then change requirement.
£60 or so every 5 years is no great price to first time starting and security.

  onthelimit 19:40 23 Dec 2010

Just sold a 9 yr old RAV (98k miles) that was still on its original battery (and exhaust) - and still started well in the cold. they didn't make batteries and exhausts like that when I were a lad!

  Graham. 23:24 23 Dec 2010

'Your daughter may be at the end of her battery's life'

I hope not.

  Switcher 00:11 24 Dec 2010

Any 12v battery charger will charge any 12v battery.
Hope you gave your daughter safety advice as well as loan of battery charger. Advice such as connect charger to battery before switching charger on to avoids sparks which can ignite Hydrogen gas from battery. More important is to switch charger off before disconnecting. If battery is in car make LAST connection to earthed metal remote from battery and remove this connection first. Saves sparks from being near battery. Above advice from experience having seen battery lid blown off.

  jack O'lantern 08:45 24 Dec 2010

Charging battery on car - In this weather?
In fact at my suggestion she did a double safty precaution.
She parks her car on the property of a nieghnout some yards up the road [At his invitation]
She was contemplating humping the battery home and down the steps to her basement flat.
I suggested she ask kindly neighbour if it could charged at his mome- to which he agreed - so it was omly a matter of popping the charger in a carrier bag to his place.

  morddwyd 09:17 24 Dec 2010

While the battery experts are all here, any truth in the widely held belief that charging the battery while still connected to the car will damage the rectifier bridge in the alternator?

  eedcam 09:32 24 Dec 2010

Switcher are you sure ANY charger will charge Any 12 V battery surely that applies to only Lead acid Batteries which are not the only type used today.

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