Car alarm affects my wireless router signal

  neilanglim 18:48 26 Mar 2006

I am hoping someone can help me.

I am using a BT Voyager 1500 wireless router to connect to broadband.

I have noticed that when I set my car alarm (Toyota Celica, yr 2000 standard alarm), I lose my wireless signal.

Can anyone tell me why this happens and how I can prevent this happening.

I have to therefore park my car down the road to use my wireless router.....and I may even be interfereing with other peoples signals!!

The same problem occurred with Netgear wireless router.

  Spex 18:51 26 Mar 2006

cant you turn your car alarm off?

i know its risking theifing, but CCTV is much more reliable these days!

  Jackcoms 18:52 26 Mar 2006

I suspect that the alarm and router signals are on a similar wavelength and, perhaps, cancel each other out.

The solution?

Sell the car and get a decent one.

I recommend ;-)) click here

  neilanglim 18:57 26 Mar 2006

I would keep the car alarm off, but whenthe engine is off and all the doors closed, the alarm automatically activates so at this moment in time, I have left the boot open so that the alarm doesnt set so that I can reply to this forum......not really a long term solution

  De Marcus™ 19:00 26 Mar 2006

Have you tried a different channel on the router?

  octal 19:10 26 Mar 2006

This intrigues me because they operate on totally different frequencies, namely the car alarm on 433MHz and the wireless router on 2.5GHz and neither of them are running sufficient power to interfere with each other, unless your telling us something, like that 300 foot mast and a 50 Kilowatt pirate transmitter in the car :-)

Seriously though, do you loose your router signal all the time the car alarm is activated?

I'm speculating here, the receivers in some of those car alarms are pretty basic things, they are what they call regenerative receivers and what can happen is they can oscillate like a transmitter, they shouldn't, but they do. I know I said the should operate on 433MHz, but when they burst into oscillation your guess is as good as mine what frequency they decide to radiate on.

The only advice I can give is to take it to a dealer and get a new receiver fitted.

  neilanglim 19:11 26 Mar 2006

no I hvent done that yet......what channel do you suggest? I think i know how to go about changing it

  neilanglim 19:25 26 Mar 2006

octal: It took a long time to figure out why my wireless signal kept dropping......I did not realise it was my car for a long time. I eventually figured this out as the connection was fine when I had left for work.

It was only today that we realised that it was only when the alarm was set that the wireless signal stopped. So the answer to your question, yes, everytime I set my alarm the wireless connection is lost :-(

  octal 19:34 26 Mar 2006

If I was a betting man, which I'm not, I would stake a months wages its that receiver in the alarm causing the problem.

  octal 19:36 26 Mar 2006

I have heard of this problem before, not relating to wireless routers, but interference with other devices, I'll do a search and see I can find something about it.

  neilanglim 19:47 26 Mar 2006

Ok, I have tried changing of the channel of the router as suggested by De Marcus. It was 11. I have changed it to 2.

So far so good. The alarm is now set and I still have wireless connection :-)

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