Capture/editing card for Premiere Pro

  the-dodger 18:42 12 Sep 2006

I am looking to buy a Capture/editing card for my system and would like to get some advice/ thoughts on my shortlist of cards.

This is what I would like the card to enable me to do.
1. capture analogue and DV footage through Premiere if possible.
2. to output realtime while editing to a tv monitor -I already have dual PC monitor set-up with my graphics card
3. hardware acceleration for premiere editing

These are the 3 on my shortlist

Canopus AceDVIO @ around £175

Pinnacle 700 PCI @ around £100

Snazzi DV.AVIO Pro @ around £110

Also on my list was the Turtle Beach Video Advantage PCI card ($179) but I havent found anywhere to buy this product in the UK.

This is my system
Dell Dimension 9100
Pentium 4 3Ghz PC
1 gig ram
Ati Radeon X1800GTO graphics card
I currently hav no Firewire ports
I have Premiere Pro v7.0 (is this also reffered to as Premier Pro 1?)

The Canopus AceDVIO looks to be the best quality but will it work with my version of Premiere Pro?

The Pinnacle 700 PCI would seem by my research not to be compatable with PP is this the case?
I am still considering this card because Pinnacle has seems to have good support and I am thinking that I could use Pinacle studio for captureing and PP for the editing is this a good idea?
BTW I am also told by their support that there is a software upgrade that allows Mpeg2 HD captureing -can this be true?

The Snazzi DV.AVIO Pro this comes with premier pro plug ins that allow you to a) capture analogue and DV in premiere b) allows you to out put PP timeline contents to a TV monitor in realtime
overall this seems like the best deal to me my worry is their customer support -i have sent them a couple of emails and had no reply...
Has anyone had any experience using this? is it any good? will it work with my version of PP and system set up?

Lots of questions.
Thanks for reading and I would be really interested to know what people think. Any comments suggestions experiences or thoughs would be really appreciated.

Cheeers Roger


A very quick readup on the Canopus card and the canopus page clearly states it will work with Premiere 7 (Premier Pro).

i have not used any of the the hardware listed by yourself but I have used and have got the Pinnacle DV500 Plus. That captures firewire and Analogue and produces excellent quality in both formats. You cannot capture in analogue format with Pro but can with Premiere 6.5.

I have also used the older DC30 by Pinnacle. That worked well too but does not work in XP.

So - Pinnacle hardware works very well but the software completely struggles in my humble opinion. So dont see getting studio has an advantage.

Canopus. They have an excellent name for quality both in hardware and software.

Snazzi - never used or heard much about it.

In Summary - go for the Canopus. It converts your analgue source to DV, it lock audio and video to prevent sound slip,Provides video output to a monitor or television while editing.

Pay for the quality and go for Canopus and Premiere PRo.

Let me know how you get on. This is one of my main computer interests.

  eedcam 22:04 12 Sep 2006

As far as the analogue goes for the kind of money you are considering youcould get a dvd recorder there are then free programmes that would convert and get it into premiere As for firewire a card is only around a tenner. Not saying its the best way to go but worked for me

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