Caps lock key and the A key.

  wolfie3000 16:56 05 Aug 2006

Does anyone else have this problem when your typing of pressing the caps lock key when using the A key?

Its REALLY annoying especially in messenger as you will start to write like this then bNG THIS HAPPENS!!

It irritating me is there a solution to this problem?

  woodchip 16:59 05 Aug 2006

Yes me and not only with Caps lock. I am big fingers and thumbs person

  wolfie3000 17:01 05 Aug 2006

woodchip i feel like whrenching off the blooming caps lock key sometimes so apart from removing it is there a solution to this annoyance?

  woodchip 17:04 05 Aug 2006

Mine is worse than that, I hit Y for T and things like that it may be me thinking faster than I type with one finger

  wolfie3000 17:05 05 Aug 2006

lol i know what you mean woodchip.

  cycoze 17:10 05 Aug 2006

theres reg hacks that can be used like click here

or download a program like capsunlock click here never tried either so do so at your own risk.

  wolfie3000 17:11 05 Aug 2006

thanks cycoze but i am after a manual fix like prying off the damm key lol.

  Belatucadrus 17:13 05 Aug 2006

Not an answer as such, but open "Accessability options" in the Control panel then on the Keyboard tab select "Use toggle keys" that way at least you'll get an audible beep when you hit Caps lock.

  wolfie3000 17:15 05 Aug 2006

great idea lol not only will i get caps lock all the time but it will beep at me as well lol.

  Fingees 17:22 05 Aug 2006

go to control panel.


click on keyboard.

scan down to caps lock.

double click on caps lock.

tick disable caps lock.

  wolfie3000 17:25 05 Aug 2006

i dont really want to disable caps lock as i use it in alot of games, its more an annoyance than anything else.

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