capital letters sound

  Dorothy01 09:24 09 Mar 2015

I keep turning off my capital letters sound

  Ian in Northampton 09:28 09 Mar 2015

I think we may need more information... I'm guessing you have some kind of alarm that alerts you to the fact that you've pressed the caps lock key? Something I've used for a long time with great success is BoldFinger, which disables the caps lock key SO YOU DON'T ACCIDENTALLY TYPE AN ENTIRE PARAGRAPH IN UPPER CASE. If you really want caps lock, you have to press something like Ctrl + caps lock.

  robin_x 10:56 09 Mar 2015

Windows can sound alerts as well.

See Control Panel > Ease of Access Center > Keyboard Settings > Toggle Keys

  Ian in Northampton 12:11 09 Mar 2015

robintheumpteenth: well, you learn something new every day... I wonder if that's the OP's problem - that she's holding down the Num Lock key for some reason?

  Dorothy01 03:25 10 Mar 2015

Hi Toggle keys ticked but still no sound to indicate caps lock is on and off, please help me cheers Dorothy.

  Dorothy01 03:35 10 Mar 2015

in control panel ease of access center and keyboard setting the toggle key is ticked to give sound to caps lock indication also I have no start up sounds or email indication happening???

  Batch 13:38 10 Mar 2015

Speakers unplugged?

Volume turned down?

Audio drivers issue?


  bumpkin 13:47 10 Mar 2015

Just a thought but have you selected default in system sounds. Or to be more explicit do you have any system sounds at all.

  Daisy_Michael 14:01 10 Mar 2015

Yeah, more likely you have issues with your sound card or its drivers!

  robin_x 14:03 10 Mar 2015

I had same problem recently while tinkering with Windows 10.

So assuming the system is not just muted to minimum volume...

Do go to System Sounds (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Change System Sounds)

Scroll down to Default Beep, click it and click Test. It should work.

Press windows key and R together and the Run dialog box will open.

Press Ctrl and G together. You should get the same sound (Default Beep)


I suspect you won't, as I recently didn't.

I spent a long time looking for a fix and it turns out to be rather complicated due to legacy support for very old computers.

I didn't find a solution and ended-up making a Repair Install of Windows (also known as In-place upgrade).

(I also had one or two other unrelated bits and pieces that needed fixing too.)

Please let us know what you get and also which Windows you are running.

  robin_x 14:16 10 Mar 2015

There are other things that can be tried first.

Run System Restore to a point before the problem.

(Press Windows key and R and type rstrui.exe

Your recent files are not affected if Restore Point is a bit old)


Go to the Manufacturer's Support page for your computer make and exact model and download Sound related Drivers and re-install them.

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