Capacity showing as lower than it is!!

  budden 16:56 08 Mar 2003

After formatting my harddrive and re-installing windows using the recovery CD provided, my capacity has begun to show as 1.99GB instead of 34GB (approx)!! Any ideas why??

  Diemmess 17:24 08 Mar 2003

Somewhere along the recent doings, you have not enabled large disk support (FAT32)

I think the result of this is that your computer will not recognise >2 Gb.

I hope someone comes up with a better idea to save you from having to go back to FDISK and start over from there.

If you do have to go back to FDISK then you may decide to partition this big drive at the same time....... Just take a deep breath and follow the prompts one stage at a time.

  cream. 17:32 08 Mar 2003

What ever you do DO NOT use fdisk. This could wipe the partition that is there for your recovery disk. You must answer these questions first.

Have you been in to fdisk and altered it?

Have you been in to the bios and altered it?

Has it come up with a problem on boot up and suggested F1 or simmilar to alter the bios?

  budden 17:34 08 Mar 2003

No to all of these

  budden 18:35 08 Mar 2003

It's a P3 1GHZ running WinME if anyone needs to know!

  cream. 18:46 08 Mar 2003

What size is it registering in the bios?

To check this you can do it two ways.

1. When you switch on the machine. One of the first pages will be where it checks the ram and then it will say what items are on the primary master \ primary slave. Secondary master \ secondary slave. Is the hard drive listed there and if so what capacity?

2. To enter the bios, do this by pressing thew delete button as it boots up. If you look in standard cmos settings \ primary master. What is it rated at there?

  bremner 19:48 08 Mar 2003

Village idiot

budden appears not to have his/her recovery disk on a partition but like myself a CD and like me may not in fact have a partitioned drive.

  cream. 20:15 08 Mar 2003

Yes it seems that way, but I was just trying to determine if this was a bios fault. i.e. hard drive paramiters not detected properley, before he looked in fdisk section 4 to determine drive statistics.

If there was a hidden partition on the hard drive and this was deleted, then this would make some recovery disks useless.

This was by the way of an insurance policy.

  budden 14:40 09 Mar 2003

In Standard CMOS Setup it shows the Primary Master as (User) 30731M.

  cream. 14:51 09 Mar 2003

Ok. Boot computer with a windows start up disk and proceed to a:\>

Type so the line says a:\ fdisk.

It will ask if you want to enable large disk support. Pick y

When it opens pick option 4 and make a note of all the values. when done keep pressing escape till you get back to dos.

Press ctrl \ alt and delete keys to reboot. Just check what it is now saying in windows for the size of disk.

  budden 15:45 09 Mar 2003

It is still saying 1.99GB,

I made a note of the values, in case you need to know they are as follows:

1) A PriDos Win_ME 2047 FAT16 7%
2) ExtDos 27251 93%

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