Can't visit web sites

  Dobba 20:11 18 Oct 2007

My son runs Windows XP and has recently started having problems. Whilst he can send and receive e-mails and download things such as Windows Update, every time he tries to visit a Web Site, he gets an error notice telling him the site is unavailable. He uses Internet Explorer 6 and has recently loaded IE 7 but the result is still the same. He is obviously getting through to the net as he can get his emails and can receive windows updates, but has anybody any idea why he can't get into the web sites, It's almost the same as having sound but no vision.
Help would be appreciated.

  STREETWORK 20:38 18 Oct 2007

Try a system restore to before the problem started...

  Dobba 11:41 19 Oct 2007

Thanks. We've tried System Restore and it makes no difference to INternet Explorer, which simply does not work, BUT if we System Restore and then try to access the web sites using MSN, it works o.k. but only for one log-on. If he logs off from MSN, and then goes back on, we go back to square one and have to go all through the System Restore, MSN route again. Meantime, Internet Explorer will not get him into any web sites.

  birdface 12:29 19 Oct 2007

Try ,Tools.Internet options,Advanced.And press the reset Button.You will loose any add ons but you can always download them again.

  birdface 10:25 24 Oct 2007

Any luck yet.If not Download Firefox that should work Ok.

  Dobba 11:34 24 Oct 2007

Sorry, Buteman, we've had no luck with Firefox or Internet Explorer 7. There's something very funny going on here as if we roll back a couple of months using System Restore, we can get on the Internet using MSN for ONE session only, but if we log off and log on again, that doesn't work either. We have to use System Restore again.In each case, none opf the other browsers work at all.

  brundle 11:47 24 Oct 2007

Adjust MTU; click here

  birdface 07:16 25 Oct 2007

Is it just his homepage that he cannot get.If so get him to type. in to the web address bar and see if you get the MSn Home page.If that works left click and hold the Explore Icon on the web address bar and drag it to the little house and open it on there and that will make MSN your Home page,[it will ask if you want to make it your home page,just press yes] you can always change it back to whatever you want at any time.Now have you tried the reset button in Advanced and still no luck.Try switching your Firewall off and see if it works.Another couple of things to try,View.Web page privacy policy.Make sure none of your programs are disabled on there.Or tools.Manage add ons.Make sure none of your programs are disabled on there.Or tools internet Options.And press reset all zones to default.Apply.Ok. And last,make sure your java and Flash programs are fully updated.And off course make sure all your Security programs are updated,,and then run them.

  Dobba 11:48 25 Oct 2007

Thanks Buteman.
There's a lot to digest there but we'll give them a whirl and come back to you. Thanks for your efforts.

  Dobba 12:01 27 Oct 2007

Hi Brundle.
Sorry, you've got me beat there. What is MTU and which programme in the list you attached is the one to use?
Thanks for your interest.

  Batch 15:35 27 Oct 2007

It may be that the DNS service of your ISP isn't functioning or the mapping / routing to the DNS servers themselves may be faulty.

All web sites are really in a form like http:// 62.233.121. 4/ but in practice we use a form like click here. iomart. com/ (note spaces added to stop this website

The DNS servers translate click here style to click here

To see if this is the problem, type (without the spaces) http:// 62.233.121. 4/ in the address bar of the browser and see if it loads the website. If so, contact your ISP and find out what is going on.

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