Can't view web pages in XP

  faintly curious 17:30 09 Mar 2004

Hi All

I've just installed a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro. I have tried several different ISPs, and although I can make a connection I can neither view web pages or send and receive mail - I get 'server not found' messages. All settings re usernames/passwords & pop3 servers etc are confirmed correct. Any ideas what the problem could be?

  faintly curious 18:22 09 Mar 2004

Any help please?

  smudge101 18:48 09 Mar 2004

A bit more information would be useful. Is your connection broadband? Which ISP are you trying to connect to? If using a dial up modem can you hear the modem dialing? and anything else you might think relevent.

  TED1 18:58 09 Mar 2004

I am having the same problem, I am connected to my internet provider,freeserve, through a 56K dial up connection, But I cannot see their web page, can anyone help?

  anon1 19:04 09 Mar 2004

Ted 1 can you "see" any webpages at all?
Faintly curious, how do you know you are "connected"? Can either of you provide exact error messages. windows xp pro seems to be finding its way onto lots of computers and getting the blame for lots of problems however it is unlikely that xp pro is the fault most likely configuration but without details (essential) it is difficult to offer any solutions

  faintly curious 19:33 09 Mar 2004

The only error message is 'cannot find server'. I am using a 56k V92 modem, have tried several different dial-up accounts to Freeserve/Uk Online etc, all with the same result. I know the connection has been made to the ISP however simply because the connection dialogue pops up, the icon displays in the system tray and if this is clicked on it shows the connection speed.

  VoG II 19:41 09 Mar 2004

click here may help. Obviously do not use the IP addresses given just tick Server Assigned IP address.

  TED1 20:12 09 Mar 2004

I know there is a connection because there is traffic to and from the connection. For the full story I was trying to connect this XP home PC to my LAN, via a hub to connect through my Broadband router, to access the internet. Although I have done this before with no problem and could access the net with the new computer I was unable to do so with this machine.On returning it to my friend I set it back to the dial up settings it had before checking that the default dialup connection was marked and accessed the net via the dial up connection. The connection verifies user name and password but then loads up a page with the error. I know I have probably set some setting wrong in IE or Win XP home, but which one, and what?

  TED1 20:37 09 Mar 2004

Could this be to do with my TCP/IP settings and if it is how do I configure them?

  faintly curious 11:44 10 Mar 2004

After going step by step through everything I did I discovered the problem is firewall interference. XP has its own firewall protection which you can choose to enable or not on dial-up connections (disable it!). In place of this I used Zonealarm, but made the mistake of not allowing "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services" to access the internet - once I allowed this programme access everything worked fine.

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