cant view videos with picture motion browser

  jacjay 23:55 08 Dec 2007

have downlaoded videos from my sony hard drive camcorder onto picture motion browser but cannot view thwm because they are not analyzed, when i try to analyze the files it tells me they could not be analysed. Any ideas?
Is there a bog standard easy software programme that i can use to down load and write videos to dvd's from my camcorder?

  MAJ 00:11 09 Dec 2007

Does this thread help? click here

  MAJ 00:17 09 Dec 2007

Also tell us the model number of your camcorder.

  jacjay 00:45 09 Dec 2007

It's a sony handycam HDR-SR5E I can connect the camera to computer ok and download the videos but in order to view them each videohas to be 'analyzed' by the programme. There is a key to do this which when pressed appears to be analyzing them one by one but when it gets to the end i get a message ' some videos could not be analyzed' and i don't know why?

  bossusa 21:10 27 Apr 2008

You have a codec on your operating system that is interfering with the Sony AVCHD codec. You have to find it and remove/uninstall it. Do you have any other codec packs installed, such as K-Lite or Ace Mega? If so uninstall those first.

You can access you video codecs by going to My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manger > Sound, Video & Game Controllers > Video Codecs.

Look through the list. Remove any codec that is redundant or shouldn't be there. Once the culprit codec is removed MPB will play your vids fine.

  cteixeira2009 03:36 26 Jan 2009

Dear Bossusa, greetings from Rio!

You're a genius. In fact, I've been installing a couple of codecs down here and one of them was messing up the whole stuff.

Many thanks and my best energies.

- c.a.t.

  jacjay 09:18 26 Jan 2009

don't know if i;m that thecnic that I can do that as I wouldn't know what is used by what.
On my new computer using vista I have been downloading them with moviemaker which I can use OK

  project 90 23:35 06 Sep 2009

i know this thread old but there is new version on MPB for vista works great

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