Can't view some Youtube videos

  Rautospoon 16:44 03 Mar 2015

A small query – got a new Toshiba laptop about 3 months ago and ever since I can view some videos on YouTube but not all, I just get a blank black screen although the scroll bar still shows still images of the video. Did not have this problem with my previous Toshiba laptop.


Jefferson Airplane - will not play. click here Dee C Lee – will play. click here

Any ideas how to fix this ? Been on Google, but got nowhere – too much gobbledygook !

Please keep it simple, if at all possible !

Many thanks

  Rautospoon 17:08 04 Mar 2015


This site was highly recommended to me, so very disappointed with the nil response to my first post !

I was told there were loads of "experts" and "eggheads" on here who would easily resolve my small (but irritating) problem, but apparently not.

Perhaps I would do better on the pcspecialist forum?

As someone who is not very "technically minded" any assistance would be appreciated


  lotvic 17:31 04 Mar 2015

It's YouTube that's changed, you need the HTLM5 Player enabled ClickHere If you get a problem with Flash Player let us know, I remember I had to change Shockwave Flash setting to 'Ask to Activate' in my Firefox Addons.

We are all volunteers here so be patient with us :) we try our best.

1]: [click here

  rdave13 17:54 04 Mar 2015

I'm puzzled by this as well. Both video examples are using the HTML5 player but one doesn't show the video while the other does. Try another browser if only to eliminate that it might be your original browser's fault rather than YouTube.

  lotvic 18:08 04 Mar 2015

rdave13, that's problem I had until eventually I altered my Shockwave Flash setting (last Dec)

  Rautospoon 17:09 06 Mar 2015

Hi, Thanks for the replies - appreciated.

Problem solved ! Downloaded Firefox and all YouTube videos now play fine on it.

(Internet Explorer was the problem browser)


  rdave13 19:51 06 Mar 2015

Rautospoon , thanks for the reply. Try re-setting IE, it might be an add-on problem. Go to YouTube and see what plays before enabling add-ons.

  wee eddie 20:20 06 Mar 2015

You missed nothing. That has to be the worst performance that I've ever seen from Gracie Slick

  rdave13 20:25 06 Mar 2015

wee eddie , maybe IE shares your view.

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