Can't use "search" on this forum....

  Yimbo 14:57 27 Sep 2010

because the "go" box is covered by "gift".
I'd rather search, please!!

  Yimbo 15:03 27 Sep 2010

I see the search box on this page - but the one in the top heading is obscured!

  Woolwell 15:38 27 Sep 2010

Which browser are you using? What zoom level?
Which OS and what is your screen resolution?
All of these can affect the way the PCA site is displayed.

  Sea Urchin 18:21 27 Sep 2010

You don't of course need the Go button - type in your question and press Enter on the keyboard.

  mooly 07:35 29 Sep 2010

If using IE8 try "tools" and "compatability view" to get the page to display correctly.

Search and go is overwritten by the "gift" text unless I do that.

  Yimbo 12:30 30 Sep 2010

Yes, I was using a zoom feature, and having reduced that, all is clear. But that "gift" text shouldn't really be there to affect those who need to zoom!

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