nowipowi 11:45 16 Aug 2006


I have just recently brought an Epson R320, complete with original Epson cartridges.

It's has run out of ink, so I've replaced the ones that needed changing with a compatible cartridge, but my printer won't accept them. I've looked on the cartridge box several times, and they are definitely Epson R320 compatible.

Thing is, the original Epson R320 cartridges work out at about £60 altogether. I've already spent about £30 on the compatible.

any help would be gratefully received.

  rodriguez 11:50 16 Aug 2006

You could try another make of cartridge as some compatibles are just crap. I've had some for my Epson RX425 and they fitted and worked, but I bought some others the other day and it said it couldn't charge the ink as they weren't designed for that printer (however the bloke on ebay sent me ones for the DX series and I didn't notice until after i tried them). Also compatibles don't last as long but if get them cheap enough you can buy a few sets anyway for the same price as a set of Epson branded ones so see if another brand works in it.

  vinnyT 13:25 16 Aug 2006

Try contacting whoever you got them from

I installed one of these click here, for a friend a few months back. He does a lot of printing and this saves him a fortune. There is no discernable lack of print quality.

It was easy to install and he has had no probs with it.

I'm so impressed that my next printer is going to be compable with the ciss system.

Murphy's law that they are out of stock now, but maybe worth thinking of.

  spuds 13:47 16 Aug 2006

Epson printers can be a little temperamental at times. I use compatibles from three different suppliers, in the main most of them work, it's at other times when the gremlin's seem to set in. Try using another cartridge, and see if you get the same results. Choice Stationary are now making their own design Epson compatibles, which according to specification contains more ink than Epson originals.

I had problems recently with an Epson C86 and compatibles,first time in 12 months, this problem was solved by another member of the forum, who suggested that I try this click here. Doesn't seem to mention the R320, but still might be worth considering!.

Your could also seek help from this website click here

  spuds 13:52 16 Aug 2006

Whoops, slight indirect error with the first link, try click here

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