Can't Upgrade From Windows ME to 2000 Pro

  marchbryant 09:30 22 Apr 2003

When trying to upgrade from ME to 2000 Pro I get the following message:

Setup unable to find

I have been having loads of trouble with my computer freezing using ME so I am really keen to upgrade. The first time I tried to upgrade I didn't get that message but guess froze! After that it just won't let me upgrade at all. Unfortunately I don't have the ME disc as it is a Tiny computer (big mistake I know!) so I would have to use the recovery disc which would mean losing everything. Thanks for any help!

  jeez 09:52 22 Apr 2003

as far as i'm aware you can't upgrade from me to 2000 because me is dos based and 2000 isn't so the two are incompatible. you need to backup your data and do a new installation. i'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong though.

  jakag 10:19 22 Apr 2003

I upgraded to win2000 without any problem on a sony laptop but the ME was one that came with the laptop and when ME we run it wiped everything so it might be different to other ME versions.
well worth it now I very few crashes now


  jeez 10:22 22 Apr 2003

but you say it wiped everything,and that's my point you CAN install 2000 but not UPGRADE from me keeping everything intact :-)

  Taran 10:25 22 Apr 2003

You can normally just ignore the error message and continue on to the next stage of setup that gives you the option of Upgrade or Install a new copy of Windows 2000.

Run some searches on dual booting or upgrading Windows ME to Windows 2000 for lots of relevant information.

A useful site to start at is as follows:

click here

Keep in mind that you should back up any important data BEFORE making significant system changes. Upgrading your operating system is no guarantee of curing instability and in fact, it can cause its own brand of problems.

Have you made certain that you have all of the correct Windows 2000 hardware drivers for your modem, soundcard, motherboard, graphics card and so on ?

It's a pointless exercise trying to change your operating system without securing your personal data first. You risk losing everything along the way.

If I was in your shoes I'd make certain I had all relevant files stored off the computer then I'd be trying to find out why it suffers instability rather than change the entire operating system in an effort to improve things.

Windows 2000 is a wonderful OS, but it has a steep learning curve compared to WinME and requires very specific device drivers to work at all.

Do your homework first before putting that CD in again. Installing a new copy of Windows 2000, which is one of your setup options will, if you select another option, wipe your entire hard drive of everything. Not a desirable situation.

Good luck with it.



  jeez 10:28 22 Apr 2003

But as I say I'm trying to give an opinion from memory and do not claim to be 100% certain

  temp003 10:32 22 Apr 2003

The real reason is Windows 2000 was released before Windows ME (even though the former is in my view a superior OS), so there is no direct upgrade path.

If your Windows 2000 CD is a full version, you can back up your data first, then do a format and install w2k.

If the w2k CD is only an upgrade version, that may be a bit tricky. I wonder if there is a workaround.

  temp003 10:44 22 Apr 2003

Seems that other people have succeeded in upgrading from ME to 2000 (using an upgrade CD) - click here

ME uses the 98 core and if one can upgrade from 98 to 2000, ME should be fine too. I remember that when I switched from ME to 2000, the man in the computer shop told me that he had tried it and worked, but I bought the full version anyway.

Maybe the workaround is the simple solution suggested by Taran, just ignoring it.

Do also take Taran's advice about backing up and checking that the computer is compatible with Windows 2000, especially when it's a Tiny - support for hardware drivers may be limited.

  marchbryant 17:59 22 Apr 2003

Thanks for all your help guys, it looks like more trouble than it is worth. I think I will stick with ME. If I wanted to back up my stuff though is it fairly straight forward. I assume you just save it to a CD, but then is it a straight forward transfer back on once you have changed the operating system? Can I do that with my address book?

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