Can't update windows

  Axii9 16:22 18 Oct 2004


I can't update windows. The are telling me that it is probably my firewall. I have tried what they suggest, ie adding their website addresses to the exceptions list -but there doesn't seem to be any such list.

WinXp; SP2; Sygate; Ad-Aware; Norton

  Diodorus Siculus 16:32 18 Oct 2004

Have you tried to clear out the cache?

Allow internet explorer full access for the period of updating?

  ianeon 16:58 18 Oct 2004

I had the same problem - It was only solved by a reinstall of XP - If your update address is this
"click here" then you are at the correct site - When I tried to update Windows it took me to a slightly different site - The address did not have the "-us" at the end of it and I couldn't update anything. - Hope this has been of some help

  iambeavis 20:01 18 Oct 2004

I had the same problem - I now disable Sygate and enable the windows firewall for the duration of the update - no more problems with it.

  Axii9 15:04 24 Oct 2004

Have tried disabling sygate and updating. Still won't update.

Could it be the windows firewall or something else?


Also, how do I clear out the cache? And how does this benefit?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:21 24 Oct 2004

"how do I clear out the cache?" - empty all the temp internet files

How does it help? Makes IE go to the page for the site rather than access it locally.

  Axii9 19:51 24 Oct 2004

Tried the above. Didn't work.

Any other suggestions? Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:56 24 Oct 2004

click here
Repair IE maybe

  Axii9 21:43 28 Oct 2004

Tried the suggestions. The first one didn't work. The second asked me to put in the SP2 disc but when I did it just didn't move on from that point.

  Axii9 22:19 29 Oct 2004


  NickyK 01:16 30 Oct 2004

You say that you cannot up-date windows. I have encountered similar problems with the request to close my Firewall. What (or which - or all) up-date are you trying to install?

I have encountered a few very minor problems once I installed SP2. Are these what you are referring to?

If it is an SP2 problem, see the previous issues of this mag, or ask the esperts here - of course.

I had only two problems with SP2 (I run XP and AOL 9). I had to click off two in "Network connections").

I hope that this is a little bit if help.

This site will, and usually doies, provide most questions to any answers. I suggest yountry search, if you haven't already done so. There is an outside chance that somene has already touched on this subject. But, for God's sake, don't be likeme: too shy to ask.


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