Can't update to IE6 (from IE5 with Windows 98SE)

  AirToob 15:49 02 Feb 2004

I have Windows 98SE, and am trying to update to Internet Explorer 6. I currently have IE5.

I can download the small setup file OK. When I try to run it, I get an error message:

"A previous installation has pending work requiring a reboot. You need to restart your computer to complete that installation before running Internet Explorer Setup. Setup will now close."

I restart and try again... same problem. Windows Temp folder is empty.

Anyone know how I can get out of this bind? Any help greatly appreciated!

  Tog 16:16 02 Feb 2004

Go into add/remove programmes and try repairing ie5, failing that try removing it completely then reinstalling off the CD.

  AirToob 21:05 02 Feb 2004

Many thanks Tog. I'll try it tomorrow when I have a clear head, and let you know...

BTW I know about adding and removing programs with add/remove, but how do you *repair* using that facility?

  jakimo 21:46 02 Feb 2004

When you click on IE5 in add\remove window a box will open giving you options

  AirToob 08:18 03 Feb 2004

Thanks, guys. OK, so when I go to add/remove I get 3 options:
1. Add a component
2. Repair
3. Revert to a previous version of IE.

I tried 2. first. It didn't work - I get same problem when I restart.

I tried option 3. After it goes into its installation wizard I get a similar message:

"A previous program installation was never completed. You need to restart your computer to complete that installation before uninstalling Internet Explorer. Setup will now close."

It seems that this prevents me following Tog's advice...

Could this be a problem with installation of ANY previous program? If so it's a v. unhelpful message. In fact, I had problems installing the "Uru" game at Christmas - the optional part at the end where it tries to register gave me a BSOD... but the installation appeared to be OK and I have successfully completed the game. I could uninstal it, but I would like to keep all my "experience data" with the game so I can eventually carry on with the online extensions.
If it seems like this is necessary, can I uninstal and still keep the game data, do you think? (Maybe I have to ask in a different forum?)

  Tog 09:05 03 Feb 2004

A lot of games give you the option to keep saved games, etc but I would ask someone who has done it first.

Have you tried using the MS Knowledgebase? It still supports 98SE.

  AirToob 06:55 04 Feb 2004

I found some quite promising articles, from a Google search on the error message, namely articles 309314, 312444 and 221863.

Not all of them are for Windows 98SE, but I tried them anyway. Unfortunately none of them cure the problem, some suggestions in those articles can't be followed in Windows 98SE anyway.

Any suggestions on how to proceed from here would be greatly appreciated!

It seems like a very common problem, it just seems strange that the common solutions don't work for me...

  xania 09:09 04 Feb 2004

On the games point, you should find files in the Games folder with very new dates - I have found that these were the saves and had commensurate numbers incorporated either in their names or their extensions. You can copy these files to another folder (i.e floppy/CD/zip disk) before deleting the game, reinstall the game and copy these files back to restore these 'saves'.

  Stuartli 09:15 04 Feb 2004

Why not install IE6 from a cover disk?

  AirToob 11:27 04 Feb 2004

Thanks for the tip on the games restore... I'm just double-checking with ubisoft to make sure they haven't done something clever with the coding used in folder names and filenames.

As far as installing IE6 from a cover disk goes... I have such a disk... but if I instal from it do I end up with two versions of IE simultaneously, or do I need to deinstal the previous IE5 first, or does it effectively do an upgrade from IE5 to IE6 for me? Unless it's the first of those alternatives, I'm going to end up in the same bind, I think. (See my third post in this sequence.)

The reason I am not "just trying it" to see what happens is I currently have a working browser, and I don't want to find myself in a position where the problem I've been reporting above stops me getting back to ANY working IE browser. But maybe I'm being unnecessarily paranoid?

  Tog 13:28 04 Feb 2004

Does this article help

click here

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