Can't uninstall AVG Free

  Jim Thing 16:49 17 Jan 2007

I've recently fitted a new motherboard in my other machine and I want to install the Avast antivirus before going online for the first time with the new setup. I thought it advisable to uninstall AVG first. However, neither the Windows' Add/Remove software facility nor AVG's own uninstall facility have any effect. I've also tried uninstalling via CCleaner as suggested in an earlier thread, but with no success.

All suggestions gratefully received.

  SANTOS7 16:56 17 Jan 2007

click here
this will help,good luck..

  cycoze 16:56 17 Jan 2007

Have you tried in safe mode?

  Jim Thing 17:40 17 Jan 2007

Thanks for prompt replies.

An attempt to uninstall in Safe Mode (as suggested by cycoze, produced a frozen display showing the tail end of a long list of driver filenames, with the HD churning away but nowt happening as far as I could tell. After five minutes I stopped it by pulling the plug.

Then I tried SANTOS7's suggstion, re-installing AVG from a download to a CD-ROM in my laptop, but I didn't see any point at which the AVG intallation wizard offered to uninstall an existing version.

At that point I gave up, as I have to go uut this evening and I'm running late.

I'll leave the 'resolved' box open and will probably be back tomorrow.

Thanks again

  Totally-braindead 18:21 17 Jan 2007

When I downloaded the newer AVG 7.5 and ran that it comes up with 3 options and I'm positive one of them was to uninstall AVG.
Having said that if you reinstall AVG from the latest version and then try and remove it with the ccleaner it should work. It should work from the add/remove programs as well.
I've removed AVG many times from computers and never had this problem so can't suggest anything else.
I'm away to try the AVG to confirm removal is an option.

  Totally-braindead 18:23 17 Jan 2007

Yes just tried it and theres three options when you try and install it. The bottom one is completely remove AVG.

  skidzy 18:30 17 Jan 2007

Maybe a bit silly here,but if the program AVG is in use,you may not be able to remove it untill all functions are disabled.

If still no joy,this may help click here

  blobbies 19:55 17 Jan 2007

I have just installed the avg 7.5 and three options are available use the repair one this overwrites the old one

  lotvic 20:14 17 Jan 2007

as skidzy has said:
You can't uninstall a program if it is running.
You have to 'Quit AVG Control Center' (option on menu when you right click on icon in Systray near clock) to stop the prog from running.

  Jim Thing 23:32 17 Jan 2007

..I'll try out your suggestions in the morning (when I'm not so knackered) and will post the result.

  Jim Thing 12:39 18 Jan 2007

...all the suggested solutions but with no success, I'm afraid.

The problem seems to be that AVG has convinced itself that I'm trying to install it, rather than UNinstall it. Regardless of whether I tried via Control Panel Add/Remove, or CCleaner or AVG's own Uninstall function, I got the same result, as follows:
After briefly seeing a box headed "Checking System Status" (the contents of which fly past too quickly for me to read them), I see another box containing the following text:
You are trying to install AVG on the workstation machine but your license number does not allow such an application. If you wish to run AVG on this operating system please contact our business department or choose another license type on website.
Press button BACK to input a different license number or press button EXIT to terminate the installation."
(BACK and EXIT are the only two buttons available. Clicking on either of them simply sends me back to the preceding dialog.)

I've also noticed that the AVG icons have disappeared from my desktop and system tray, although the program is still on my HD, according to Windows Explorer.

Finally, immediately following boot-up, the program displayed a message to the effect that AVG may be damaged (surprise!) or may have some of its bits missing. It then asked whether I wished to re-install AVG, so I said Yes (despite the fact that I wasn't online — I wanted to see what would happen). I then saw the three options mentioned by Totally-braindead at 18:23, so I clicked on the Uninstall option — and got "Attention! You are trying to install AVG..." etc. AAARRRGGGHH!!

At this point I said a colourful word or two and decided to cut my losses — so unless anyone can suggest another possible solution, I intend, after lunch, to replace the OS & Apps partition of my HD with an Acronis image. This, I hope, will return AVG to a state from which I can uninstall the damn thing.

Many thanks to everyone who wrote with suggestions — you can't win 'em all, I guess!

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