Can't uninstall anti-virus programme

  norabatty49 20:21 25 Sep 2005

I had a problem with my Panda anti-virus updating, It said to remove programme then re-install. It is installed on my C drive, but I can't remove all of the files, and it won't let me re-install as it detects the programme. I have tried to remove it in safe mode. I have closed the programme and don't know what else to try. It is not listed in theAdd/Remove programmes.In the start programme i can find uninstall, but it has a cross next to it. When I click it it says the uninstall wizard is starting up, but then nothing

  Diodorus Siculus 20:30 25 Sep 2005
  norabatty49 20:35 25 Sep 2005

already tried that they say to remove programme then re-install

  GaT7 20:58 25 Sep 2005

"Dear Customer

In order to uninstall the Panda Antivirus Titanium program manually proceed as follows, deleting the entries in the Registry and files detailed below. However, if at any time the entries or files cannot be found, continue with the uninstallation process, as depending on the version installed the files or entries may or may not exist.

Follow the steps below:

First attempt to remove Panda from Control Panel, Add remove programs. Once this is done, make sure that there are no Panda Services running in the Services section in Control panel. Ensure they are stopped and set to disabled.

Open the Registry from Start, Run, write REGEDIT, and click on OK. Highlight 'My Computer' at the top of the list, then go to 'Edit' and 'Find'. Type 'panda' into the box and then click on 'Find Next'. This will search the Registry for panda files. When it brings up a folder or file, press 'delete' or right-click on the highlighted file/folder and select 'delete' from the menu to remove it. Then press 'F3' to search again and find the next Panda entry.

Continue to search and delete Panda entries in the Registry until no more entries are found. Then repeat this process, this time searching for 'pav'. When both searches are complete, close the Registry and restart the computer.

Once this operation has been carried out, using Windows Explorer delete the Panda Software folder that is below C:\Program files. You should also delete the following files Windows \system: PAV.SIG, APVXD.VXD, APVXDUT.VXD, PANDA.CHP.

By carrying out these operations, Panda Antivirus Titanium will be uninstalled.


Technical Support

Panda Software UK

Panda Titanium and Panda Platinum are entitled to Email support only. If you wish to contact Panda Technical Support directly then please call our technical staff on 0906 609 2120 (this is a premium rate number and all calls are charged at 60p a minute)" - taken from click here.

What OS are you using? As the above involves editing the registry, I'd strongly recommend to back up the registry, or set a System Restore point (for WinME/XP). I'm surprised Panda didn't mention this. G

  GaT7 21:00 25 Sep 2005

" back up the registry, or set a System Restore point, BEFORE deleting anything there." G

  Strawballs 21:04 25 Sep 2005

click here you could try using this to find and remove traces of panda

  norabatty49 22:08 25 Sep 2005

tried deleting all the files in the registry,
ab default Reg-sz Access denied
cannot delete aaserver.ini access denied
pav.sig access denied

  DieSse 22:12 25 Sep 2005

For what it's worth - a programme is what you get on the TV or Radio - computers use programs.

The "US" spelling is the correct one for computers.

I suppose that means that if you have software to watch TV on the computer, it's a program to show a programme. ;-))

  GaT7 22:37 25 Sep 2005

norabatty49, right-click the key you want to delete & select 'Permissions'. Click the 'Advanced' button, select your login name & press the 'Edit' button & give yourself 'Full Control' - tick the box(es). Press Apply, OK & try deleting the key again. G

  GaT7 22:56 25 Sep 2005

If the above doesn't work, type Regedt32 (instead of Regedit) in the Start>Run box & press OK. You should be able to delete the keys now. G

  palinka 12:47 26 Sep 2005

try going to Start>find/search>all files & folders. In the file name box type panda then "search now". Delete anything it finds.

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