can't un-install xp

  whippit 13:18 20 Sep 2005

Desperate for some help and advice. my sisters pc,
which is AMD 500mhz and came with xp pro already installed when she bought it about nearly 2 year ago(used not new).
The bottom line is i tried to install xp home over xp pro, i now get the following messages

power supply :AT AMD K6(TM)- 2/150 cpu found.

conflict I/0 PORTS 3F8

CMOS checksome error : 3F8

Warning cpu has been changed.

please re- enter cpu settings in cmos setup

The guy at the local shop said he would do it for £40, but don't have that sort of money at the moment so any help or advice how to fix it would be much appreciated, or would i be best just selling it for spares?



  Jackcoms 13:21 20 Sep 2005

Err, why did you try to install one operating system over the top of another?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:34 20 Sep 2005

Enter the BIOS (first message on screen tells you what key to press to enter setup) usually del or esc key.

there should be a "set to defaults" option do this and save and exit (usually F10) see if the PC reboots.

  whippit 14:00 20 Sep 2005

I didn't, it was my sister who tried to install one os over another, although to be fair it's more than likely something i would have done also.

I'll enter the Bios etc and get back to you with the results.

cheers guys

  whippit 14:19 20 Sep 2005

Done as you said but still says conflict 1/0 ports : 3f8 on the black screen.

  bremner 14:29 20 Sep 2005

If the BIOS is Award then their site startes that the CMOS Checksum error message can be assicoated with a failing CMOS battery and that should be changed.

Unsure this link will work click here

  whippit 14:53 20 Sep 2005

The bios is Award, so i'll need a new battery?
how much are those?

tried the link the gave but as a novice a lot of it was out of my reach.


  bremner 15:28 20 Sep 2005

In addition to the above I do not think the problem is directly related to install XP HE.

I do not think you can down grade to XP Home from XP Pro without a reformat anyway.

  whippit 22:16 20 Sep 2005

yeah i learnt the hard way, just wish i could get rid of the xp home that's halfway through installation but wont go any further and wont un- install.
looks like it's destination is ebay for spares.

  Pineman100 11:25 21 Sep 2005

Surely you don't have to get rid of the machine because of this problem. If the cmos battery is failing then a new one isn't too expensive. And if you still have the problem of conflicting versions of Windows XP, then you could reformat the hard drive and reinstall whichever version of XP you want.
Have you got a recovery floppy disk? If not, have you got a friend with XP who could make you one?

  Yoda Knight 12:43 21 Sep 2005

Disable the com ports in the bios. If you can get xp installed you can worry about the com ports later.

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