Can't turn off computer

  Fritzman 22:13 21 Nov 2005

Sometimes when powering down for the day, after selecting turn off Computer, nothing happens. The screen doesn't freeze but the computer doesn't turn off. I've checked applications with CtlAltDel but nothing is running. I've even tried restart computer but still nothing. The only option is to manually switch off using the power switch. This doesn't happen daily but can be a couple times a week.Will it hurt the system if the PC doesn't power itself down? Any info appreciated. Thank you.

  ade.h 23:03 21 Nov 2005

click here See my post at the bottom of the page. That's what can sometimes happen if the power is cut suddenly before the hard-disks have parked the heads and powered down.

Try configuring the power button action to initiate a shutdown if it is not already set like this. You'll know if it isn't because you'll probably have to hold the button in and then the power cuts off.

R-click anywhere on the desktop, select properties, screensaver, power and advanced.

  Fritzman 11:27 26 Nov 2005

The problem is not with the hardware as the button is configured properly and sometimes has to be used to turn off the computer. The problem sometimes occurs when i selct turn off computer from the start menu. Selecting Standby, Turn off or Restart has no effect and the power has to be manually switched off using the power button. any suggestions? Thank you.

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