Can't transfer files on a DVD-RW to computer!!!

  wholikeswood 20:16 23 Aug 2006

I bought a Panasonic DVD Recorder (DMR-ES10EB), so that I could record television and my old VHS tapes, so that I could put it onto the computer so I could edit it all, etc.
I then bought some Sony DVD-RW discs to record onto.
Now, having recorded my program, I put the DVD into the DVD drive on my computer, but it didn't recognise it.
Having played back the DVD-RW on the DVD recorder, with its playback facility, I can see that the thing has been recorded, but it just won't let me put it onto the computer, so that I can edit it.
I have spent a lot of money so far, so I am desperate to know how to solve this problem. Please can anyone who knows a possible solution post up their suggestion or email me @ [email protected].

Thanks very much for your time.

  FelixTCat 20:24 23 Aug 2006


Did you finalise the disks in the Panasonic before moving them to your pc? Unless you did, you won't be able to read them. Put them back in the Panasonic and finalise them.



  al224 20:25 23 Aug 2006

i sent you an email

  wholikeswood 01:56 24 Aug 2006

Okay. I finalised the DVD and it recognised it. So thanks for that...


I still need to be able to import it into Windows Movie it possible to do that?

  FelixTCat 09:19 24 Aug 2006


Yes, it is. Programs in DVD format consist of a folder titled VIDEO_TS which contains all the files. Because of the 2 GB size limitation of individual files, the program is divided up, with the segments saved as .VOB files and then index etc files.

.VOB is basically MPEG2 format, so if you want to import the files into movie maker, copy the .VOB files to your hard drive, rename them .MPG and import away.

I hope that you have a fast pc with lots of memory!



  De Marcus™ 09:29 24 Aug 2006

You may experience problems if you simply rename .vob files click here for a bit more information.

  pj123 10:03 24 Aug 2006

In My Postings for future ref.

  wholikeswood 11:50 24 Aug 2006

thank you so much for ur help all.

1stly to felixthecat - thanks m8 for ur initial advice

thx also to de marcus, for the excellent link

thank you all so much for helping me out of my dilemma

u guys are the best

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