Can't test my broadband speeds

  Willow12 08:38 01 Jul 2003

I have been trying to check my broadband connection speed from click here but when I click on 'Download Now' nothing happens. I have used this before with no problems (prior to reformating HD) but just can't get hold of the program now. I would be interested to know if this happens with anyone else or if it is just me!

Also is there another similar test that I can do from elsewhere?

My Broadband provider is Pipex and my OS in Win XP.

  Bramblerose 08:47 01 Jul 2003
  Bramblerose 08:49 01 Jul 2003

Have just tried to download the programme from your link and it works for me - it comes up with a pop up window... do you have a pop up killer on?

Let me know if you can't get it and I will mail it to you - its 1.75mb

  Wak 09:12 01 Jul 2003

You could also try click here

  Willow12 09:39 01 Jul 2003

Have just discovered that I also cannot download from other sites. Again I click on a download icon and nothing happens. What can be causing this?

  Willow12 12:37 01 Jul 2003

Ran Norton Cleansweep and all OK again now. Strange.

Thanks for your help guys.


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