User-C537C34B-9BDA-4A42-98089F7C4480917B 10:01 07 Nov 2004

I just installed BT Broadband, which seems to work fine. However, with the BT Voyager 105 ASDL modem connected, the computer won't start. I have to disconect the modem, startup the computer, then re-connect it. Not the end of the world - the computer stays on mostly anyway - but irritating. Any ideas gratefully received!

  Gongoozler 10:12 07 Nov 2004

I suspect there is a program in startup that is causing this behaviour. Experiment with the Startup items in msconfig (Start - Run - msconfig) to see if that helps. If you find what it is, you can then start the program after the computer has booted.

  pj123 12:56 07 Nov 2004

Yes I have a friend who had exactly the same problem. He emailed me saying he has overcome this problem. All I got was go to this site and download something. I have had a look at the site but I can't see what it was he downloaded. I will ring him and ask him what he downloaded.

Meantime have a look yourself, you might see something I have missed. click here

  pj123 13:11 07 Nov 2004

I have rung my friend but he is on ansafone. I have left a message. When he gets back to me I will let you know the answer.

Thanks pj123. I've been to the site but can't find the answer. Doesn't help that the search tool has been scragged by hackers acording to USBMan. Look forward to news from your friend!

  pj123 14:56 07 Nov 2004

thecos, Sorry it's taking a time. I can't get my friend to answer me yet. Because he runs a business I suppose Sunday is his only day off.

I have just emailed him in case he doesn't check his ansafone messages on Sunday.

As soon as I get an answer from him I will let you know.

This is a quote from his email to me.

"Have good news for your man with the boot up problem with Alcatel speedtouch 330 on bt business broadband

Download on the web
mine now boots up fine with it connected"

Will give you more info as I get it.

  jeanette78 15:56 07 Nov 2004

I had the same problem, when my modem was plugged in, when i switched my pc on i had the eMachine log flash on but windows wouldn't load, i had a blank screen with a curser flashing in the top left corner, if i then switched it off on the mains and restarted it, it restarted in safe mode!! BUT if i unplugged my modem before switching off, started as normal THEN plugged my modem in it was ok!! After NUMEROUS CALL TO WANADOO, i read on some pc forum that if i updated my speadtouch modem drivers,(i have a usb, adsl b/b conn) that would fix the problem. I also called wanadoo again, and i was told they would clean the line to my modem, and that i was to unplug my modem, switch my pc off, and at the mains, wait 30-40 seconds and then switch back on, which one worked i dont know, but its working correctly now, anyway. sorry for the long winded reply, but i am apc novice and dont know much technical info about p.c.'s. Hope u solve u'r problems. jeanette.

  howard60 16:23 07 Nov 2004

I had a similar problem and had to reload the motherboard cd which then obviously corrected something.

  pj123 16:28 07 Nov 2004

Right, just got a call from my friend. This appears to be the file he downloaded. Unfortunately, this does not appear to work on this forum. It is a zip file so if you would like to send me your email address via my envelope I will will try to forward the file to you.

Sorry to have been a bit remiss in closing this. Don't know if it was the things you guys advised me to try, but the problem went away. Thanks for your comments. Happy Christmas!

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