cant start windows xp home in safe mode or normal?

  GEEKSTA 12:50 08 Apr 2007

When i turn on my windows xp home edition (TIME Computer)
it gives me options while loading all the drivers etc
the options are
DEL :Setup/Q-Flash F8 :Boot menu F12 :Network Boot TAB :Logo ESC :Skip memory test

If I select F8 it waits about 20 seconds and then takes me to another page with a small blue window saying "Select First Bot Device" , under that it syas "Floppy : IDE-1"
then under that its got the instructions
" [Up/Dn] Select [RETURN] Boot [ESC]Cancel

When I press up or down the floppy does not change and nothing happens.
So my only options are RETURN or ESC , both of these opions do the same thing.
So when i press ESC it takes away the Blue small window and says
"Searching for Boot Recoerd from floppy .. Not Found"
"Searching for Boot Record from SCSI .. Not found"

"Boot Faliure
Reboot and Select proper Boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device
Press any key when ready"

Only way i can get out of this is by Ctrl+Alt+Del
this restarts the pc and does the same thing.

So what do I do now??

Any ideas are greafull

  GEEKSTA 12:53 08 Apr 2007

From the options
DEL :Setup/Q-Flash F8 :Boot menu F12 :Network Boot TAB :Logo ESC :Skip memory test

If i select DEL by presing Del it goes go another screen with it just saying " Enter CURRENT Password: " What is a current passowrd???

  mocha 13:09 08 Apr 2007

Selecting DEL sounds like it's taking you to the BIOS Setup screen, the Q-Flash would be for updating your BIOS so I would think it is asking for the BIOS password. Though this does not get you into Windows.

  mocha 13:25 08 Apr 2007

Have you tried putting your XP cd into the drive booting back up and seeing if it will do a repair.
click here
You will need to go into BIOS to make your CD Drive First Boot Device. If you want to back up data that's on the machine first. click here
Check out this site for add on's to Bart PE click here

  GEEKSTA 16:47 09 Apr 2007

So how would i get into my bios from the options i have got? If i press DEL it asks me for a curent password, what is that?

  mocha 17:29 09 Apr 2007

Someone in the past has put Password Protection on the BIOS, if you could enter you would see one of the options in your BIOS is 'Set Password'. You could try taking the CMOS battery out for about 20secs. then replacing it that might reset BIOS to Default settings, and remove password protection.
Also try here. click here

  skidzy 18:00 09 Apr 2007

Have you tried booting from the xp disc ? As mocha has pointed out,you may need to change the bios boot order,but until the bios password has been cleared or accepted you may struggle.
Sometimes you may be able to boot from the xp cd without changing the boot order,have you tried this.

Once you are able to boot from the os disc,carry out a repair click here

  GEEKSTA 23:11 09 Apr 2007

I will try taking out the battery inside.
I have tried puting in my windows xp home disc but nothing happens when i load up, it keeps askng me for my boot record from floppy.

  skidzy 23:17 09 Apr 2007

Some bios passwords that may help,but do be could render the machine useless if you lock the bios here
click here

  woodchip 23:28 09 Apr 2007

Try using F5 as the computer boots

  mocha 23:42 09 Apr 2007

It looks like your computers first boot device is the floppy drive if its asking for your boot record from floppy, go here to download your floppy disks, click here you will need 6 floppy's and your XP CD.

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