Cant start computer in any mode as the key board d

  charly2262 14:41 18 Aug 2008

Please help !
I have absolutely no experience with computer problems, but could someone help me with this ....
When I try to start my computer an error comes up and says I should switch to safe mode or ' last best mode which worked ' but when I click on the arrow keys on my keyboard they dont work.
The computer then times out and begins to load xp! after approx 10 secs the screen shuts down & says ' no signal imput '



  johndrew 14:54 18 Aug 2008

What sort of keyboard is it, wired or wireless?

If wired have you made certain the PS2 plug is fully home?

If wireless are the batteries flat?

  DieSse 15:01 18 Aug 2008

And is the keyboard USB - if it is it may need an optio changing in the BIOS to allow it to function during booting.

If it's wireless - does it need synching to the transmitter?

A PS/2 wired keyboard is always useful as a standby in case of this type of issue. Very, very cheap if you haven't got one.

  charly2262 15:14 18 Aug 2008

Hello There,
Thanx for the quick response.........
Its a wireless keyboard its synched with the transmitter or should i say i think it is.....
& i have changed the batteries for new ones.
Apologies but Im not sure what u mean about keyboard USB & changing the BIOS.
I have a wired keyboard somewhere, will get it & try that

  Pamy 15:42 18 Aug 2008

charly2262. the wirelees keyboard and wireless mouse will not work untill Windows has loaded. You nead a PS2 for this occation

  jack 16:47 18 Aug 2008

An essential for any system.USB/Wireless simply do not function unless the operating system is up and running.

  DieSse 16:59 18 Aug 2008

Sorry - a word was missing.

If you keyboard is a USB one, you may need to change a setting in the BIOS to enable it to work during boot-up.

Or there may not be a setting, and it may not work at all during boot-up.

  charly2262 13:25 05 Sep 2008

Apologies to everyone who tried to help with my problem two weeks ago but I had to go back to work ...I have managed to get hold of a wired keyboard & run the computer in 'safe mode' (it wont run in normal mode) & found that the firewall has been turned off or doesn't work & the screen has lots of small squares all over it all the time.

  peter99co 22:11 05 Sep 2008

I suggest you run a system restore if as you say

' an error comes up and says I should switch to safe mode or ' last best mode which worked '

It does look as if you have a problem.

Do you have anti virus installed and up to date?

  charly2262 08:41 06 Sep 2008

Hi there

I have tried to run system restore but didn't have any effect, I have also tried to access the event manager but couldn't access that either.
I have an up to date anti virus installed 'avg & spybot ' but they dont pick anything up.........

  johndrew 12:07 06 Sep 2008

You may have corrupt or damaged files so I suggest three things.

Firstly when you looked in System Restore, how many restore points were there? Hopefully there were several. If you can remember a date at which the PC was fine Restore to that date and see what happens. You wont lose e-mails and work and you can always `undo` the change if you want to. If it works problem solved, if not go to the next attempt.

Secondly run sfc /scannow click here. You may well need your XP CD and note the space between `sfc` and `/scannow`.

Finally, if there were driver disks with your wireless keyboard run them and re-load the drivers.

If you still have problems post back.

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