Cant Sign in to Hotmail and Messenger

  Annalucio 04:36 14 Apr 2007

This is complicated! Here goes: About a month ago I rang my server Tiscali with a query, the operator misunderstood me and cancelled my account. I then waited 2 weeks for a new one and they gave me a new Username/password. A week ago I uninstalled IE6 and installed IE7, I didnt like it so uninstalled and got IE6 back. After that I couldnt get into my Hotmail/Messenger. I tried changing my password, but they sent it to my alternate email which as I have explained no longer exists. Even my answer to my secret question was wrong. I also cant sign in to my eBay account. I've tried everything : system restore and sending 2 messages to Windows Live ID which is a joke because they have replied both times with a classic email which doesnt help me! I dont know what to do, I had so much information in my email folders. I am not computer wise so please can someone help me.

  STREETWORK 08:55 14 Apr 2007

Try this,

1. Reinstall Microsoft net meeting
2. Reinstall windows messenger
3. Check IE 6 properties and set to default


  Annalucio 22:29 14 Apr 2007

Streetwork, When this problem started I had the old MSN Messenger and tried re-installing it and got the new Windows Messenger but the problem was the same, couldnt sign in. Last night I finally managed to do a system restore (went right back to 1/04/07) I didnt know you had to deactivate Norton protection, anyway I've done it now and I've got my old MSN Messenger back. But still cant sign in. For all I know it could have righted itself but as I have changed my password twice I wouldnt know because I cant get into my old Tiscali email to retrieve it. Windows sends your new password to your alternate email which in my case doesnt exist anymore. Is there any other way of contacting MSN or Windows? I have sent 2 messages to Windows Live and got two classic answers which dont help. You say I should try re-installing Mic.Net Meeting, well in my Add/Remove there is Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 and Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 Hotfix (KB886903)- which one do I uninstall. and how do I set to default IE6? Please be patient with me as I know nothing of how the computer actually works. I also am still unable to get into my eBay account I think the two problems are connected.

  Annalucio 22:34 14 Apr 2007

Just had a thought. There must be a way I can contact Windows live to inform them that my alternate email has changed. Do you have to sign in to do this?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:17 15 Apr 2007

I ha da similar problem on a friends' computer recently. Can you install Firefox and see if this lets you connect? click here

  Annalucio 15:09 15 Apr 2007

Gandalf, I still cant retrieve my new password from my old email address so I wouldnt be able to sign in even through Firefox.
Thanks for your interest.

  Annalucio 23:51 20 Apr 2007

Just wanted to let you know what happened and to thank you for your help. Well I must be very lucky, despite not being able to sign in to my hotmail in anyway even with secret question, Microsoft Support very kindly sent me a special link to paste in my browser and then I reset my password. I have now got my hotmail back and discovered about 40 emails to and from eBay customers, that had nothing to do with me, someone had got into my hotmail and eBay account changed the passwords and in the space of 2 days there were all these messages from sellers for goods running into thousands of dollars. Everything sorted now. Thanks

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