Can't shut down Win XP after freeze

  Pappyon 16:15 17 Jun 2003

Sometimes when I shut my system down it freezes and I have to press the reset button, start up and go through the whole rigmarole again. Pressing the off button on the tower achieves nothing. The machine won't switch off!

I am almost certain there is s setting somewhere either in a tool in control panel, or a setting in Device Manager where you can set it that the pc can be shut down manually using the on/off button if the above happens. Can anybody refresh my memory please?

  1dave2 16:58 17 Jun 2003

The pc manual button might be in the control panel under "power options" icon. You might even be able to alter it in the bios in "power management"

  Taw 17:08 17 Jun 2003

Win xp home is control panel,power options, advanced and use the drop down mwnu

  Pappyon 17:32 17 Jun 2003

I thank you both for the quick response to my post. This was the setting I had, and it's not working.
The funny thing is when I shut down my open programs and pressed the "Off" button, after reading these posts it did work, but this was without a freeze.

I'll wait till the next freeze and try it. If it still doesn't work I'll post back. Thanks again!

  pcgal 00:15 18 Jun 2003

pappyon I was having same problems until I installed servicepack 1.....have u updated ya windows?

  w.squirrel 00:31 18 Jun 2003

I'm having the same problem - win xp freezing on shutdown, then the on/off button not working. I shut it off via the plug, as it was freezing on startup with the reset button too. It then started freezing on startup!
I went into safe mode and tried a system restore. It didn't work! That was last night. I tried again this afternoon and it started up ok, but then froze on shutdown again. It started up ok just now, but I'm not looking forward to trying to shut down!
I'm downloading windows updates now. Do I need to switch off the firewall while I do this? It's been about 15mins and it's still only 6% complete.
Any ideas?

  Cesar 09:54 18 Jun 2003

Ihad the same trouble when I got a blue screen, everything was frozen, on researching the manual I found that if you press the off button and hold it down for about five seconds that will do the trick.

  Pappyon 18:38 18 Jun 2003

PC Gal

I have not installed a single windows XP update that ever came out.

I installed everything from the free
CD ROM that Microslob issued and it caused me no end of grief, so I uninstalled it and have never installed anything else.


I will try your option the next time I have a freeze at shutdown. If this fails I will just switch off at the socket. Thanks again.

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