cant setup my grapics card ..HELP me PLZ!!

  skell 19:37 14 Aug 2006

Hi, I have a Radeon 9800pro graphics card which ive had for same time now but after i reformatted my hard drive, updated to sp2 and reloaded the drivers etc i just cant seem to get it to work smoothy with my games. I loaded the original driver which worked perfectly ok before the format and ive even tried the new updated driver from ATI but that also doesnt work with my games. i've downloaded dotnetfx and the control center and at the moment i have the 6.7 version driver installed.

The main issue is with Call of Duty. the game graphics look ok but when i scroll across the screen its becomes very glitchy. Ive tried all different arrays of settings but still no joy.

Ive also tried it with Call of Duty 2 but thats even worse, looks like a 2D game downloaded from the net.

Im really at a loss as to what could be the issue here so am asking if anyone her could help me.

Ive had trouble getting the right drivers to work with my games before but never so much trouble as im having at the moment.

Why are ATI graphic cards so hard to get setup?

I need help big time. any suggestions appreciated.


  RobCharles1981 19:44 14 Aug 2006

Have you downloaded the latest drivers your card ??

  andrew-196854 19:47 14 Aug 2006

did you remove the old drivers first? have you patched the games?

  skell 19:48 14 Aug 2006

Thx Rob. yes i have the 6.7 drivers which is the latest version. ive also tried previous versions too but they are just as bad if not worse.

  Stuartli 19:48 14 Aug 2006

6.7 is the latest driver for the ATi Radeon cards.


I ditched the bloated ATi Catalyst Control Centre for my card and, instead, use ATi Tray Tools.

They are a fraction of the size as a download and achieve all that the ATi software manages. See:

click here

  Stuartli 19:51 14 Aug 2006

You do need to get rid of all previous ATi drivers etc and this is quickly done by using the free Driver Cleaner Pro from:

click here

Also read up about installing and configuring ATi (or nVidia) cards in the excellent and very well written TweakGuides at:

click here

  skell 20:01 14 Aug 2006

Thx for all your replys ... All previous drives where removed due to the reformat of my hard drive. i then installed my original driver along with the ATI control panel not the control center. because this driver wasnt working i decided to update to the newer version. using the uninstall tool from ATI removed the original driver and all ATI related bits. I then installed the newer/latest driver. the game is also fully patched.

i've never had a problem before with the original driver, and even the drivers before that, so im confused as to why its bad with COD now. could it because of sp2? i didnt have sp2 before the reformt.

  gudgulf 20:07 14 Aug 2006

After the reformat did you reinstall all the motherboard chipset drivers etc?....without those you wont get the benefit of the hardware 3D acceleration from your graphics card.

Go to Start>Run and type in dxdiag...look through the tabs,particularly the Display one.Make sure that DirectDraw,direct3D and AGP texture acceleration are all enabled.

Also open the ATI control centre and navigate to SMARTGART....check what AGP acceleration is enable.Try clicking Retest All and rebooting the pc if it is at anything less than AGP 8X.

Make sure you have all the games fully patched up to date.

  skell 20:20 14 Aug 2006


checked as you suggested and all is well.

  skell 20:23 14 Aug 2006

@gudgulf ... i mean the settings are ok.

@Stuartli.... those links are very helpfull, thankyou.

  gudgulf 21:44 14 Aug 2006

I suspect that CoD2 is defaulting you to DirectX 7.0 rendering which it does with low end grsphics cards........and which it definitely should not do with yours.

The TweakGuides site linked to by Stuartli also has setup guides for CoD2 and it might well be that the answer to your problem is covered there.

Have you Defragmented your drive since the reinstall?

And what is the spec of the rest of the computer?

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