Can't set right speed for PC, Oh Why?

  rickf 08:21 17 Jun 2004

Hi All,
I rebuilt a AMD XP2000 with the same Elite m/o etc becuase I want to sell it. Cleaned out the case and put everything back in and reinstalled XP Home. However, it will work only at 100 Mhz default giving a speed of 1250. It would not boot up when I set it to 133 which would give me the right speed of 1.67. Cleared CMOS, then reset, the same thing happens. It just wouldn't boot up into Wins. Any suggestions plaese. Off to work now but will be back today.

  xania 09:09 17 Jun 2004

I had the same problem on a new mobo and that turned out to be a write-off. I wonder if you shorted out something during the clean-out. If so, I think you may have killed it.

  rickf 09:19 17 Jun 2004

It works perfectly at 100MHz as I say. I guess time will tell. It it was shorted I would have expected it to be dead but this is not the case.Any other ideas people?

  TECHNODIMWIT 09:24 17 Jun 2004

Have you lost the bus speed jumper, or something silly like that

  rickf 10:14 17 Jun 2004

There are no jumpers for this board only soft settings through the Bios. I am really puzzled by this.All the components are the original ones. There were a couple of times in the past before the rebuild when it would of its own defaulted to 100Mhz but corrected once I change the settings to 133X12.5

  xania 13:52 17 Jun 2004

No - with mine, the mobo worked but I could not adjust the speed. as you say, that could well have ceased in time so I had it replaced. On that occasion, the mobo also damaged the chip and they had to replace the lot for me.

  rickf 14:23 17 Jun 2004

Thanks to everyone who responded so far. Will keep it going for a while as its an interesting prob.

  jimv7 16:50 17 Jun 2004

Try resetting the bios with the jumper near the battery. Some boards need you to do this.

  rickf 17:16 17 Jun 2004

jimv7, the only jumpers are the jp1 and jp4. jp1 for clearing cmos and jumper jp4 for normal.There are no other switches on the board. Its an Elite K7S5A.

  rickf 17:19 17 Jun 2004

Correction, only jp4 with 3 pins. Pins 1&2 for clearing cmos and 3&4 for normal operation. jp1 is only 2 pin, not present on this board.

  Dorsai 17:29 17 Jun 2004

Have you used the same PSU??

I know you said all the same bits, but i assume a new case, if you still had the case and it was unused, why take it apart?

So i guess you got a new case/PSU and rebiult it in the new case, using all the old boards etc...

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