Cant set up home network

  Andy 999 12:03 09 Aug 2004

Hey, i hav a bit of a problem with my home network. I have a built in Hub/router which has an adsl mobem built in. I have a pc downstairs linekd to it via cat5 cable, and the one i use upstairs is linked the router wirelessly. The router ahs automatically configured itself so both the computers can use the internet at the same time. However i cant set up a LAn, i have run the network wizard on the wireless pc and set up, hopefully, correctly. However when i run it downstairs the setup tells me it cannot configure the network correctly, and nothing is changed, What can i do to set up the network? Thanks in advance,


  LastChip 12:06 09 Aug 2004


  Andy 999 12:45 09 Aug 2004

there both XP PRO, the router is a Belkin F5D7630-4A. The wireless card is also belkin, but im unsure of the model.

  boot-it-out 12:50 09 Aug 2004

More info needed ( Post your OS and the make of the router / modem you are using ... but try this:

Make sure all the computers on your network are set to the same Workgroup - eg "MSHOME" or it won't work - Windows does not usually have this as it's default setting.

For Windows XP Click Start / Control Panel / System / Computer Name and check that it is set to MSHOME - if not click the Change button and then type MSHOME in the Workgroup field and then OK to accept the change - Do this on all computers in the Network.

You will probably need to reboot all the computers.

Hope this helps,


  Andy 999 14:07 09 Aug 2004

Yea ive used the same network on both pcs etc. Ill try the wizard again.Thanks anways m8;)

  LastChip 14:14 09 Aug 2004

Turn off any Firewalls. Until the system is working properly, these are the single most aggravating source of problems in troubleshooting networks. If they are turned off, it takes them out of the equation.

Your Workgroup can be named anything you like, but MUST be CONSISTENT throughout the network, whether it be two machines or two hundred.

Each computer MUST have a UNIQUE name to identify it on the network.

Open up a DOS window on each machine and at the command prompt, type;

ipconfig [enter]

Look for the Ethernet Adapter (might be listed as Wireless Adapter) IP Address. Probably something like; 2)

Now, at the same prompt, type the command PING and the address of the opposite machine.

So, if you were working on the machine, and the address of the remote machine is, the command would look like this;


(there is a space between ping and the first number - each number is separated by a full stop).

You will get one of two options. Either a REPLY status, or a REQUEST TIMED OUT status. If you have chosen an incorrect address, you will get a "Destination specified invalid" message.

If you get a Timed Out message, try this ping;


and post the results please.

Try both machines (opposite pings) as you may have communication one way, but not the other.

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