can't send/receive email

  palinka 17:10 13 Jan 2012

I have btinternet broadband, OS is Vista; I use Windows Mail. All this unchanged for 6 years or so until my problem began suddenly a few days ago: I can't send or receive email tho I can connect to internet so can use webmail. Get error815 and computer looks for a dial-up connection (and doesn't find one because there has never ben a dial-up on this PC. ) BT has discovered a Tiscali account on the system - but tho this would have been a dial-up I had that account only on an earlier system , about 10years ago , or longer . Any suggestions, please to solve my problem?

  rdave13 17:36 13 Jan 2012

Some info here.

  rdave13 17:47 13 Jan 2012

This is also interesting, link ,sidx's post shows Broadband Connections (WAN PPPOE) in the Network connections list. Later post states it was deleted and the problem was fixed.

  palinka 19:12 13 Jan 2012

thanks for those, rdave13. I too get the WAN miniport issue as part of the dial-up attempt. I'll try Windows Livemail in the next few days if nothing else solves the problem. I didn't mention MSGTAG in my post (keep things simple , if possible)but that stopped tagging around the same time as email stopped, tho I now can't remember which happened first. And I've used MSGTAG for years, too, without problems. As it recognises my email account it won't work if my email isn't working; but I might try re-installing MSGTAG to see if that has any effect on the email.

  rdave13 19:22 13 Jan 2012

Did you check your network connections? Possibly uninstall MSGTAG and see how it goes though I can't see how that would stop sending/receiving. Remember Windows Live Mail is a different animal to Windows Mail though I prefer WLM.

  palinka 15:22 15 Jan 2012

I've spent hours going round and round in circles. My Btinternet settings (broadband)are fine (confirmed several times)I have [temporarily] deleted MSGTAG. But every time I click Send/Receive, Windows Mail tries to use a nonexistent WAN Miniport PPPOE dial-up account. I do not have a dial up account of any kind and have not had one for about 10 years. But when Bt internet checks my account it says :" We found the following non BT email accounts on your computer, please check with the support websites for these email services for further help in fixing your issue. " I cannot do what Bt suggest because it is at least 15 years since I had that Tiscali account and I cannot access it now as I do not rememebr the password, nor can I recall the alternative info that Tiscali ask for("what was my server when I signed up for that account"). Yet I suspect that the only solution to my problem is to get rid of all traces of that Tiscali account. But there is no sign of it on my computer. HELP! Where do I go from here?

  beeuuem 16:12 15 Jan 2012

Have you checked that 'never dial a connection' is selected in 'Connections' ? Click here

  palinka 16:25 15 Jan 2012

Yes, that IS selected.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:42 15 Jan 2012

"But every time I click Send/Receive, Windows Mail tries to use a nonexistent WAN Miniport PPPOE dial-up account"

Palinka, I'm hoping this'll fix your problem:

1) Go to Control Panel -> Network & Sharing Center.

2) In the left-hand pane, click on "Manage Network connections".

3) I'm guessing in that new window that opens there's an icon there called Broadband connection. Note that this connection is not required for your BT broadband service as is almost certainly the reason you're having problems so you can safely delete it by clicking on it once and pressing the Delete key on your keyboard or use the button on the toolbar called "Delete this connection".

4) Follow beeuuem's link to ensure that "Never dial a connection" is also selected.

  palinka 16:12 18 Jan 2012

thanks very much Secret-Squirrel, that's interesting and helpful. I came back to this thread only today (18th) having managed to fix the problem only a few minutes ago, as follows:In accounts >properties> connection I've set "always connect using LAN"; it was set to connect "using Broadband" - at least, that's how it was set during this problem tho I can't recall if that was always the case; presumably not, as things were functioning normally until a week/10days ago. Outcome - all back to normal: I can send/receive email. Let's hope it stays that way. Now I'll follow your advice re. the BB connection icon.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:44 18 Jan 2012

"In accounts >properties> connection I've set "always connect using LAN"; it was set to connect "using Broadband...........Outcome - all back to normal""

Thanks for that info :)

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