Cant send e-mail Out Exp

  crantock's 12:09 13 Aug 2006

PC Advisor virgin.
Please help, every time i try to send e-mail
through outlook express I keep getting this error message:

Server error 550
Error number 0x800ccc79

I may be hear some time P.C in a bad way


  Gongoozler 12:23 13 Aug 2006

Is this email always to the same recipient? click here

  Jak_1 12:24 13 Aug 2006

message gives a clue : Server error. Have you contacted your isp?
What os and outlook express version are you using and have you checked the settings?

  crantock's 16:13 13 Aug 2006

This happens when sending to any one (Gongoozler)
(jak_1) How do i check settings?
Sorry i'm a bit of a novice

  Gongoozler 17:07 13 Aug 2006

Hi crantock's. This is a server error, so could well be a problem at your ISP. Is this a new account? You also say "P.C in a bad way" are there other problems?

  crantock's 15:24 15 Aug 2006

Hi Gongoozler,

Sorry not replied Very busy. ISP say's all settings ok.
Other problems : V V V slow, always freezes when shutting down, had to remove 256 mem stick something wrong with the slot it goes
into??????? when closing down a program, program not responding window always appears. How do I check to see if there are any programs running in the background when there should'nt be ???????

Is that enough to start with .

Sorry but you did ask.

Thanks, Crantocks

  recap 16:01 15 Aug 2006

" had to remove 256 mem stick something wrong with the slot it goes into"

Did you replace the memory in a different slot? If not I would suggest that you do this as it will enalbe the pc to run smoother/faster.

To check what programs are running hold down Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys, this will give you the Task Manager. From here you can see which programs are running under the Applications tab.

  Ashrich 23:27 15 Aug 2006

Was this a stick of memory you removed or a memory stick ( USB Flash drive ) , PCs are funny sometimes with things left in USB slots when booting or shutting down , also do you have Anti Virus and Anti Spyware software installed and up to date , if so have you scanned your PC with either or both ?


  Gongoozler 07:14 16 Aug 2006

Hi Crantock's, you had to remove 256M stick of memory. I suspect that the motherboard might be faulty. The only time I've had this problem, I eventually had to replace the motherboard since when the computer has been completely stable. What motherboard do you have?

  crantock's 15:31 16 Aug 2006

How do i find what type of motherboard i have?

Stick of memory (not USB flash)

  Gongoozler 16:04 16 Aug 2006

Hi Crantock's, download, install and run Belarc Advisor, click here. This will tell you what motherboard you have as well as other useful information about your computer.

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