Can't seem to playback 3gp video's

  Sheps 21:11 13 Aug 2005

Hi ya Folk's
I've just gone over to XP from ME and i've just gone on to a site i use quite a lot that plays back 3gp mobile phone videos, but now they don't play, i remember when i was on ME, i did have to tick something on Quicktime Player, but i can't for the life of me remember WOT it was. Any ideas???
Thanks in advance

  Pooke 21:19 13 Aug 2005

edit, preferences, then quicktime preferences.

from the drop down choose "file type associations" then click the "file types" button.

from there look for 3gp and make sure it's ticked.


  Sheps 21:21 13 Aug 2005

Okey Dokey Pooke,
I'll give it a go now.

  Sheps 21:24 13 Aug 2005

I've just gone into Quicktime, and i can't actually see 3GP anywhere on the listings. Does it come under a different name, i can see mpeg this and mpeg that, gif etc etc, i'm totally puzzled now.

  Pooke 21:30 13 Aug 2005

erm, hang on...........

  Pooke 21:32 13 Aug 2005

click the plus sign beside the mpeg - mpeg system, video and audio files one, it shows it there.

  Sheps 21:33 13 Aug 2005

Cheers Pooke, I'm gonna have a bash now. I'll let u know how i get on.

  Pooke 21:38 13 Aug 2005

alternatively if you have the files on your computer, right click one of them and choose "open with" Navigate to quicktime and click it.

Also you can right click a file and choose properties, under the general tab where it says "opens with" click the change button and then browse to find quicktime, ensure the little box that says "always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is ticked too.


  Sheps 21:44 13 Aug 2005

Hi ya Pooke, Well i can't understand this, i done wot u said, and clicked mpeg i just ticked all boxes, i even rebooted, and i've just clicked on a 3gp video and all wot cums up is top left hand corner is a tiny little square and circle and triangle. "oh dear"

  Pooke 21:47 13 Aug 2005

which version of quicktime do you have?

mine is 6.4. I'm afraid changing file types is about all I know.


  ACOLYTE 22:08 13 Aug 2005

As with this thread click here

it was said quicktime plays them but,i think its mobile only its a lot of revenue to lose if its not.

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