Can't see Hard Drive

  Inside Edge 18:12 22 Jun 2007

Hi, can anyone help with an HDD problem?

I have a PC running XP SP2 with 2 HDDs. One is 120 Gb, the other 250 Gb. I installed Partition Magic a long while back and created 2 partitions in the larger HDD and stuck a Drive Image Back up in one of them. The drive seemed to default to being hidden - perhaps due to Drive Image protecting the back-up location. I've never got around to filling the rest of the drive with video as I planned so it's not been accessed in ages. I wanted to make a new backup so using PM I unhid the HDD and set off a DI backup. The backup failed without giving a clear reason. Now I can't see the HDD at all and I'm getting regular pop-up error messages from Windows stating: "Windows delayed write failed. Windows was unable to save all the data for D:\$Mft. The data has been lost. The error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save the file elsewhere". I don't know what it's trying to save here, but it keeps trying !.

Partion magic won't start at all anymore - it gives an error 100 - "Partion table is bad". I don't which table it's referring to, but presumably that associated with the errant HDD.

XP Disk Management Utility shows my C;\ Drive OK, but no sign of D:\, nor any record of encountering error.

I assume that the D:\ is corrupted, either in format or physically, but I'd like to try to reformat it ....only I can't see it anywhere.

I had some boot up peculiarities earlier this week (slow to boot, not starting all the items that normally run in the background, hanging when the screensaver kicked in). A system restore to the previous day failed, but these issues appear to be resolved anyway.

The PC otherwise functions fine - everything seems normal except the D:\drive.

Sorry this is so lengthy - does anyone have any suggestions ?

Many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 22 Jun 2007

FAT32 or NTFS partition?

Just wondering if a removal of c: (to be safe) and a boot from floppy and use to FDisk could wipe the partitions from D: so you could reformat and start over.

  Inside Edge 19:07 22 Jun 2007

Hi, thanks for your thoughts.

Its an NTFS partition.

Can I literally disconnect the power and ribbon cables from the C:\ drive, boot from floppy, try the reformat and plug it back in afterwards seamlessly? I suppose it's just like putting a new hard drive in and formatting it before installing the operating system - wouldn't take long to try either. I was just wondering whether the MB would recognise my D:\ Drive as the boot drive after the exercise (assuming the reformat was sucessful) and go looking for the Op system there instaed of the re-connected C:\ drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:28 22 Jun 2007

Yes should work as stated
you may need to swap jumpers if IDE drive.

Can the BIOS see the drive?

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