cant see files on hard drive

  Jane doe 12:40 14 Jan 2003
  Jane doe 12:40 14 Jan 2003

Morning Lads. I have been given a Seagate 80 gig hard drive for my home computer. Given it as the previous owner could not 'see' whats on the drive and assumed it was faulty. I have inserted it as slave in my computers, one win 98 and one winxp but cant see whats on it. Both computers recognise drive OK with right parameters and size and shows its three quarters full. Properties shows it as containg 62 gig of stuff. Win explorer can see drive but not contents; all it shows is ESDI BIO.Sr and a recycle folder. I can defrag (11/2 hours)it and have virus checked it (which takes 1 hour) but cant see the files. I have also tried dos which shows it as threequarters full but only the two aforementioned files.Any ideas please?? Jane

  leo49 12:49 14 Jan 2003

click here

click here

Some clues maybe.


  Jane doe 13:09 14 Jan 2003

thanks for help. I have read what you sent but this drive is not old it has 2001 on the product label. Is there a possibilty that this wrong interface has been added to drive somehow and if so how do I correct it? Could it have been a virus? I could format but Sue wants some of her stuff off it if I can get it working. Could I put it as master and reboot in win98 with boot disk?
Thanks Jane

  siarad 13:19 14 Jan 2003

click here He posts here sometimes but offers a rescue service

  leo49 13:32 14 Jan 2003

I do appreciate due to it's size that the drive itself isn't old.What's the HDD history? Was it working OK in your friend's PC until this problem occurred? - _ I'm afraid I don't really have a clue but the more info you can provide the more chance there is of someone knowledgeable assisting you.


  Jane doe 14:20 14 Jan 2003

Thanks for assistance. The HD came with Sues computer when it was new 2 years ago. AMD 1400 Win98 512 Ram. It has worked fine then one day last week it just came up with this error message. We couldn't sort it at all so She bought another drive and we fitted it and put Win 98 on and thats been fine as well. We just cant read this drive at all so she said if I can fix it and get her photos off I can keep it, so as you brainy lot in here have helped me so many times before I thought I would ask you. Thanks Jane

  Jane doe 14:35 14 Jan 2003

Hi again lads just discovered I can still write to this hard drive? I can copy files from C drive to this G drive and they stay there, are visible and can be played?? Its got to be something stupid. Jane

  TechMad 14:59 14 Jan 2003

My guess is that the previous files on the disk have some how given themselves a hidden status.

Go into the G drive, via your prefered method either Windows Explorer, or My Computer. Then, I think, you go to the View menu and click "options". Then study the three tabbed pannels for an option labelled "Show all files" and make sure a black dot appears in the circle to the left of the label.

Can you now see the files?
If not post back.

  TechMad 15:02 14 Jan 2003

I fogot to say click OK to close the folder options dialogue screen.

  Jane doe 15:40 14 Jan 2003

tried what you said. There are only two files visible (apart from what I have just copied on there) and each has a RED dot on it. I cant seem to do anything with these files. Ill have another look. Thanks Jane

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