Can't see any files on my floppies!

  wetterfugal 21:46 07 Feb 2003

Suddenly I am unable to read the contents of my floppies on a win 98 PC though I can read them on my Win XP PC. I have re formatted a floppy on both machine and I am unable to save to the 98 PC. Disk Write Error - (Unable to write to disk in drive A:)

Though I can write to it on the XP

In explorer there is a small tag on the A Drive Icon, but it has been there for a long time without trouble. Can anyone help?

  wetterfugal 21:52 07 Feb 2003

I have tried scandisk but it can't check the drive because it thinks that there is no disk in it.

  Pcloe 22:01 07 Feb 2003

hi there, have you checked the setup on the bios screen making sure that A: is enabled

or maybe check the wireing to make sure that the connector has not become dislodged or damaged.

only thing that i can think of for now....

  wetterfugal 22:07 07 Feb 2003

I have not checked on the BIOS but as I said above, I can format a disk in the drive OK

  cream. 22:07 07 Feb 2003

wetterfugal. Unsure about this, but is your X\P system on NTFS?

If so the 98 will not be able to read it, I think!!!!!!

If X\P is on FAT32 totally ignore.

  wetterfugal 22:15 07 Feb 2003

Both machines are FAT32. I think that we can forget about the XP as all is well there I brought that in to show that the disk shows the file have been written. It is the 98 that will not read them nor write them.

  wetterfugal 22:19 07 Feb 2003

I find that the disk reads OK operating in safe mode.

  cream. 22:22 07 Feb 2003

wetterfugal. Well thats me b**********ered. lol

Best of luck M8

  anchor 09:17 08 Feb 2003

I had a similar problem some years ago on a notebook. I could not read floppy discs on the notebook, but could on my desktop. Both had Win-98.

It turned out to be a defective floppy drive in the notebook. Replacing it solved the problem.

  wetterfugal 12:12 08 Feb 2003

After I rebooted to normal operation everything is back to normal, problem gone. Note I had originally re booted twice so the act of re booting did not in it's self solve it.

I now have a similar problem with a burnt CD on my XP but I will mark this problem as solved and post separately

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