Can't save edited movie files

  PC Advice Sir 00:01 27 Apr 2004

I recently connected up my DV video camera to my PC via firewire, captured some footage clips with windows movie maker and saved them to the hard drive just to try it out. Okay, I edited what I had saved on the hard drive with some transitions and titles, but it won't let me save the subsequent edited product on my PC.
There is plenty of available space on my 160Gb hard drive - the only thing I'm not sure of is that the original source (the original digital footage on the camera)is not available as I disconnected the camera, but if I've already saved the unedited animated movie on the hard drive, and can watch it in full flow without the camera why would it still need the original source from the camera? Am I missing something?
Also, can the firewire be treated the same as USB and connected without turning off peripherals and the PC.
Thanking you in anticipation of some help.


  lightfeet 07:28 27 Apr 2004

You have to keep the saved video from your camcorder because when you edit it merely provides links back to this file. Since this is non-destructive editing it doesn’t alter the original saved file so whatever you do in the editing process it won’t directly affect the file. Have a look at this click here I found it most useful when I first started editng.
Make sure you save your edited movie by clicking Save To My Computer in the Movie Tasks pane. Am not sure if there are any other ways of saving but I have not had any difficulties using this method.
I should add I have stuck with MovieMaker 2 as I find it more than adequate for my needs & it’s easy to use

Firewire connection can be made without turning anything off exactly as if it were a USB port.

Best of luck with your editing.

  GroupFC 09:54 27 Apr 2004

I have just started to do some video editing using MM2 a very useful link - thank you!

  GroupFC 09:59 27 Apr 2004

If you know of any others - please post them!

  PC Advice Sir 12:53 27 Apr 2004

Thanks for your interesting reply & the firewire connection info. I will need to check it out at home to resolve the matter fully, or see if I encounter any other probs (not that I doubt you).
I will let you know how I get on..thanks again!

  PC Advice Sir 21:54 27 Apr 2004

Took your advice lightfeet and captured some more footage - left the camcorder connected throughout the whole process and I still get the following message:

""WMM cannot save the movie to the specified location. Verify that the original source files are still available, that the saving location is still available, and that there is enough free disk space available and try again"

All those criteria are met but it still won't save. I give up!

  lightfeet 07:39 28 Apr 2004

Don't give up just yet as MM is a good program. Have tried to simulate your problem but no success so far. Am a bit busy today but within next few days I will post the exact procedure I follow to download, edit & subsequently save my videos. Sorry I can’t be more helpful at this stage, I know what it’s like to be kept waiting when you want to get on with the job, but do keep at it.

  lightfeet 07:45 28 Apr 2004

By the way, are you using Movie Maker 2 rather than the version 1.0? If not, I suggest you go to Microsoft site & update to MM 2

  stlucia 08:49 28 Apr 2004

I'm not familiar with MM, but with Pinnacle I have the option to download from the camera in full or draft quality. If I download full quality, it takes more HDD space but the program doesn't then need to refer to the original tape for subsequent editing and saving. I was just wondering if MM gives you that option, and if that would solve your problem?

  PC Advice Sir 13:45 28 Apr 2004

for your responses regarding my difficulties, it is annoying though, has all these nice transitions & title animations but unable to achieve a result at the end. The original video(s) was taken with another JVC MiniDV cam, but I bought the new JVC unit for its Firewire capability. I am using WMM2 on XP home Edition, P4, 160Gb HD, 512 ram, Firewire connection. I do also have Pinnacle Producer & Director SE preinstalled on the PC (only seems to have the option to send to DVD not to My Computer???).

  PC Advice Sir 21:02 28 Apr 2004

Premium rate £1-Per-min telephone support was unable to help.

Going to uninstall WMM2 as it is a waste of HD space - will use a decent programme when I find one.

Thanks anyway.

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