Can't run any games No input signal,Out of range

  Josheo 13:44 03 Aug 2006

Hi, just bought a new pc and have installed my Graphics card which is a Radeon 9600XT. Everytime I try to play a game I get the following errors.

"No input signal"
"Out of range"

This occurs when I get to the main screen to play the games.

Tried another monitor and the same problem. The graphics card runs fine in my other pc.

I tried running Unreal Tournament 2004 in safe mode and everything worked fine. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong and could advise me on what to do/try. Many thanks, Josh

  wolfie3000 14:06 03 Aug 2006

load the game in safe mode and change the screen resolution in the game to a lower one.

  wolfie3000 14:07 03 Aug 2006

then save the setting then reload windows as normal then the game should work in the lower resolution.

  Josheo 14:38 03 Aug 2006

Once the game is loaded in safe mode its not possible to change the resolution. If I then try and switch the ingame options graphics from Software to Direct 3D it crashes. This was all working fine of my other computer. Hope that helps.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:42 03 Aug 2006

Do you have the latest drivers installed for your Radeon?

  Josheo 15:42 03 Aug 2006

Ok I typed DXDIAG and wrote 75 in the override value box. Started the game and it froze straight away.

I tried installing the latest drivers earlier and I couldnt even get to any ingame screen as it would freeze on the main menu. Really stuck on what to do.

Thanks for the help.

Any other ideas I could try?

  Josheo 15:43 03 Aug 2006

Gonna install the latest drivers and try again. Atleast I know games run in safe mode :p.

  Josheo 17:15 03 Aug 2006

Still no luck, installing the lastest drivers was just as bad if not worse than installing the drivers from the disc. Anyone else have anything I could try?

  andrew-196854 17:47 03 Aug 2006

what game are you trying to play? and have you checked to see if there are any patches for the game

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