cant run 256 colours

  mc-god 05:15 30 Aug 2003

error message tells me my colour depth is not correct is in 16 colours and needs to be 256, but in my display settings it will not let me change and i hav not got the windows ME cd to reintall the graphics driver. How do i fix this

  -pops- 06:28 30 Aug 2003

If you know the make/model of the graphics card, go to the manufacturers website. You should be able to find drivers there.

  -pops- 11:38 30 Aug 2003

Received by email

"i do not know the make/model of my graphics card, i have no idea, sorry to bother you but do you have any othr ideas pleeeeeze!!!"

mc-god, it's best to reply via the forum so that others can contribute.

To find out the details of your graphics card, download click here which will tell you everything you could possibly want to know about what's inside your computer case.

  mc-god 01:35 31 Aug 2003

sorry but the link you sent to me on last messge does not lod itstays a blank screen

  The Sack 01:41 31 Aug 2003

Are you sure you are not using 16bit colour and it wants to drop to 256 colours?

  sil_ver 01:42 31 Aug 2003

Try this link click here

  hugh-265156 01:43 31 Aug 2003

aida32 link above working ok here.

im only familiar with xp but,try right clicking my computer, click properties, and then click the device Manager on you display adapter properties,it should say what brand it is here even if the drivers are not installed.

the most popular are ati and nvidia click here and click here

  mc-god 01:48 31 Aug 2003

sorry but none of the above links are loading, and it is running in 16 colours now, its the 256 i need t change it to

  hugh-265156 01:50 31 Aug 2003

The Sack makes a good point.what is it your trying to display?

normally its 16 or 32 bit colour(millions of colours)some older programs can only use 256 colours so the setting need to be reduced.if the drivers are not installed,you should still be able to display 256 colours but not 16 or 32 bit.hope that makes sense.

  hugh-265156 01:53 31 Aug 2003

as above im not familiar with me,it may just be an xp thing but try right clicking the game or program etc and select properties/compatabliity tab and tick the "run in 256 colours" box.

  -pops- 07:22 31 Aug 2003

If none of the given links work, then there is something more fundamental wrong with your machine than merely not displaying 256 colours.

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