Can't Roxio copy disc

  Katiegirl 16:36 29 May 2003

I have a Packard Bell IXM 9200 P3 1GB PC with Manufacturers installed burner.
I tried to copy a self photos installed disk with recently purchased "Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6" software.
I clicked on "Disc Coppier", Out "Sourse" Disc in the top DVD slot, blank none re-writable disc in bottom CD-R slot and clicked on to "Burn" icon.
Burning started then stopped & the following message came on screen:
X Q Gold Star DVD-ROM DVD81208 (Illegal mode for this track (05/64/00)
Since then when I put any cd to be coppied into the top slot it tells me it is a blank disk, even when it isn't?
Help! Can anyone tell me what it means?


  DieSse 18:19 29 May 2003

From what you describe, it sounds like your DVD drive has failed, if it won't recognise any disk put into it.

  DieSse 18:20 29 May 2003

Or is it only Roxio ECD that won't recognise a CD - what about other programs?

  powertool 18:29 29 May 2003

Roxio have several downloads to fix bugs in their software - I had a problem with Easy CD freezing using XP and the download has fixed it.

I would suggest that you go to and download their latest fix.

best wishes


  hssutton 18:33 29 May 2003

I use ECDC 6 without any problems. Which burner are you as the source drive. I'm sure I read somewhere that using two burners creates problems.
Also I presume that you uninstalled the burner software that came with with the original drive.

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