Cant remove WG511T card driver firmware + worse

  Slipmatt 13:54 28 Mar 2007

Ok - got a fairly serious wireless card incompatability problem - done a search but not found anything quite like what my problems are:

I have a T20 IBM Thinkpad, running Windows XP Pro SP2. Just got myself a refurbed netgear router (WGT624) and WG511T adaptor card.

The router appears to be working fine, and the first couple of go's I managed to connect wirelessly for a short while - but after a couple of days things have gone pear-shaped.

To set the card up, I downloaded the netgear drivers firmware from the netgear site (v4.4 for the adapter card) - installed this (seemingly) ok.

Now, everytime I slot the card in, my laptop freezes - as soon as I pull it out, it unfreezes. But then windows gives me a blue screen message (not there long enough to read all of it), that states it is shutting down to protect windows and my files, and could be due to a hardware error.

I take the card out before rebooting. Once I reboot, I get a 'System has recovered from a serious error'. So something is clearly buggering up my system...

I have tried to uninstall the netgear drivers (in normal and safe mode) but it wont let me! - saying I can't uninstall about 3 dll files (related to the netgear smart wizard I think - gear.dll, aegisE5.dll and something else). I've tried to reinstall the firmware again (in the hope it will remove the existing firmware) but also get the same error message - "An installation support file could not be installed. The parameter is invalid." - I get this error message everyway I try to uninstall the drivers.

So I'm stuck with some firmware that I can't remove - how can I get this off my laptop ? And I'm stuck with a card which freezes my laptop and then closes it due to a 'hardware error' everytime I slot it in.

I know there have been past issues with netgear cards and Thinkpads and XP SP2 - but can anyone help ?

Sorry it's a lot to take in, but I'm not sure how to resolve -

Thanks in advance,

  CLONNEN 15:19 28 Mar 2007

You could try manually deleting the driver files with Windows Explorer. But it might be safer to just rename their extensions to .bak just in case it makes things worse.

Also check in MSCONFIG and untick anything relating to the Wireless Card so it doesn't load at startup.

  Ashrich 18:17 28 Mar 2007

Have you tried restoring to a point before you loaded the drivers ?


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