Can't remove the Slot 1 CPU

  BigDunc 20:19 06 Mar 2003

Trying to replace the P400 in my 4.5 yr old Dell with a replacement "Slot1" 1.4GHz CPU. The old CPU refuses to budge and I am nervous of applying too much pressure in case the motherboard cracks.

Any ideas?


  Nessie 20:58 06 Mar 2003

I dont think that your mobo will support a 1.4ghz cpu

  siouxah1 21:19 06 Mar 2003

Dunno about the support, but have you released the clips at the top of the end posts? I'm sure you have but thought I would mention it.

Regards Brian j

  clayton 21:21 06 Mar 2003

If you tell us the make & model no of your motherboard we should be able to tell you what processors it will support.

  BigDunc 23:07 06 Mar 2003

Thanks folks

1) The clips are released to an audible click and it comes out 4 or 5 mm but no more. Seems to be the top that is sticking more than the bottom. Machine bought in Jul 98

2) System Information =
System chip set Intel 440BX AGPset
Data bus width 64 bits
Address bus width 32 bits
DMA channels 7
Interrupt levels 15
System BIOS chip 2 Mb (256 KB)
System clock 100 MHz (matches external processor speed)

Was advised by the retail guy that it was OK!!!


  Nessie 23:28 06 Mar 2003

click here

It seems it only supports up to 450 mhz. look at link above.

  BigDunc 23:54 06 Mar 2003

Thanks Nessie I know that at the time of that article, Spring 1998, the 450MHz was the fastest around and perhaps that was what the article was referring to. I've no idea of the rest of the technicalities!!

I used "The Quick CPU Upgrade Finder" on the Powerleap site which "gathers technical information about your PC's CPU, Mainboard, and Memory." After this, Powerleap emailed me -

"Suggested Answer - Thanks for sending information about your system to us for CPU upgrade advice.

Based on the details, I'd recommend our new PL-iP3/T upgrade, which will currently take your system's CPU up to 1.4 GHz, using an Intel "Tualatin" Celeron with 256K of L2 cache. For more information on this product, please see click here."

It appears that the programme was meant to take into account the processor, mainboard and memory. Looks like fun and games ahead!!


  Switcher 23:58 06 Mar 2003

Give it a good TUG.

If it cracks anything buy a new motherboard.

  clayton 00:25 07 Mar 2003

This might help click here

click here

  BigDunc 09:34 07 Mar 2003

Thanks folks
Got it sorted. There was a blue bar which anchored the heat sink on to the board, presumably, as an anti-vibration device. Must be a Dell speciality. The heat sink was slotted at the back to hold it. Once I slid the blue bar to the right, the CPU popped out ever so easily!!

Thanks for your collective help.

Now, I'm off to add a new HD, from current 13GB to 80GB!! But will wait a few days to let things settle down.

Programmes sure open faster with 1.4GHz compared to 400MHz!!

Have a great weekend.


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