can't reload Vista

  PIE THROWER 11:34 09 Jan 2009

Hi - I have an Aspire 5920 laptop that had a flash player problem where the easiest solution was to reload the OS from back up discs.

I did so with one disc but couldn't with the second as it had gone missing. As it was late I shutdown the laptop. On trying to start again next day (complete with both discs) I was greeted with error message "Recovery32 - Type Mismatch".

Can anyone explain what this means and what to do about it ? As usual thanks a million for any help .

  PO79 13:14 09 Jan 2009

Try going into your bios to see if you have an option to boot from the recovery partition on your HD. If so boot into this and it should start the recovery. When complete it should automatically set the PC to boot from the Vista OS.

  PIE THROWER 21:40 21 Jan 2009

Nothing I seem to do does any good - it just leads me to the screen displaying "Recovery32 - Type Mismatch".

  MAJ 21:51 21 Jan 2009

This might work click here but you're still going to need all the disks, or an original Vista DVD, to reload the OS, else you're just back to square one.

  MAJ 21:53 21 Jan 2009

Or an XP CD if that was your OS, I just took it for granted that you had Vista, sorry.

  PIE THROWER 18:07 23 Jan 2009

I have Maj's advice and downloaded the GPLCD linux utilty, burned the iso file to disk and booted the laptop up to format the drive.

However when the utility boots into action and loads itself it stops at DR Dos A:. I thought A: was assigned to a floppy drive ? I've never had one on this machine - what could it mean ?

  MAJ 19:50 23 Jan 2009

I'm not sure what has gone wrong, how did you burn the ISO file to CD? It's an image file so it should be burned as such, using a program like Imgburn click here (make sure you click the correct download link, don't click the Spyware Doctor 6.0 link). Install Imgburn, run it and choose the "Write Image File To Disk" option, browse to where you saved the GParted ISO and click Open (making sure there is a CD-R in the drive. When burning is complete, restart your PC and boot from the CD. GParted will load up, showing lots of lines of code as it does. It will ask you a few questions as it loads, just accept the defaults. When it loads you will see the grapghical interface showing you your drive and it's partitions. Select the partition you want to format, by clicking on it, then go to Partition > Format as > NTFS (if I remember correctly).

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