Can't reload HP Photosmart printer software

  tsrowe 17:29 11 Mar 2008

I had problems with my HP Photosmart printer software in the HP Solutions program when setting up the scanner so I uninstalled it. Now, it won't reinstall when I do a custom install - its crashes out part way through loading with a 'fatal error'. Anyone help please ?
Thomas Rowe

  sunny staines 17:47 11 Mar 2008

go into explorer and delete the hp folder, run ccleaner and try fresh install from scratch.

  laurie53 19:57 11 Mar 2008

Agree with sunny staines.

Most important that you do a good search and manually uninstall all the dross that normal uninstall of HP software leaves behind.

I've had to do it twice and it's a real pain.

  Strawballs 22:09 11 Mar 2008

I had to use regcleaner and go through and remove all hp (lucky that was the only hp on that system) then it worked fine, same problem with scanner not working properly on my 3180

  woodchip 22:17 11 Mar 2008

If you do not have any other HP Hardware, do a search for HP. .ini and .inf's are the problem for the above

  woodchip 22:19 11 Mar 2008

Also try this copy the CD to the desktop. then start in safe mode and load from desktop copy. you will find a setup file in the copy

  laurie53 08:35 12 Mar 2008

That's an interesting one, woodchip.

I'll remember that for next time.

There's bound to be a next time!

  laurie53 07:57 19 Aug 2008

There is!

  Halmer 08:11 19 Aug 2008

even after a number of re-installations, messing etc. When I wish to scan I use the PC not the Printer/Scanner now. HP software seems inherently complicated and buggy to me.

  woodchip 11:08 19 Aug 2008

Instead of Custom Install, Try loading the Full CD then remove what you do not want as doing a custom may be stopping something loading that is needed

  laurie53 12:13 19 Aug 2008

Now on my 3rd HP and have never got Scan To to work.

The hardware is great bout the software is rubbish.

Now installing a new printer. I can print from the PC, web pages and docs, so I know it's recognized, but simply cannot scan in either direction

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