Cant reinstall windoz xp

  Mytob 13:47 31 Jan 2006

just decided to re do windows cause it was screwing up constanly despite all my regular maintainance but iv run into a prob with it. essentialy what happens is when i put the cd in and boot off it it gets to the inspecting hardware bit and then the screen go black and the hd just works overtime and nuttin happens. iv tryed 3 install discs and the same happens to each one. i have also tryed to use slax click here and keep getting the screen turning on and off during loading which is unusual and just cannot log in because it only gives me a sec to type in the password after typing in the user! iv performed the install hunderds of times befor with no problems and ant doing anything different now. Any ideas? I also have suse installed on another partition and dual boot my system but havent had any probs befor with windows insalling alongside befor either.

  Damn Machine 13:54 31 Jan 2006

I've had this in the past - try unplugging all USB attachemnets.

  Mytob 14:15 31 Jan 2006

nope didnt work. next idea plz :)

  quack 14:37 31 Jan 2006

Boot as normal and then put XP disk in drive. Open My Computer right click on drive containing XP CD and select Explore go to Setup double click and the setup programme should start and you can then reload XP from there. Make sure you use the same partition that you already have XP installed on. If you choose the Repair option you can reinstall without losing data and programme files

  DamianScott 15:12 31 Jan 2006


Does your PC have SATA hard drives? If you, you'll need to hit the F3 button (I think) in order to install the SATA drivers during the very first stages of the install.

I know this, as I had a very similar problem last week whilst reinstalling my PC! I slapped my forehead and shouted "DOH!" when I realised what I'd done, after about 4 hours pratting about!

BTW, in my experience, the repair option in Windows XP isn't without it's own problems. I find it's always best to:-

Write a list of all the programs that you actually use. Make sure that you have the means to reinstall them later (installers & serial numbers)

Make sure that you have all the relevant drivers for your PC's hardware.

Make sure that you have your antivirus software ready to reinstall immediately after

Start afresh, use the Windows XP (complete with SP2, it's much better) install disk to wipe your existing drive (use quick format if you're got a BIG drive).

Reload Windows XP, as I mentioned above, XP Service Pack 2 has a lot of improvements, and will recognise your installed hardware much more effectively.

Ensure that your hardware/software firewall is activated, also your antivirus software is switched on, BEFORE you visit the Microsoft Update page. If you don't have security, you WILL pick up a virus before you've had chance to blink!

Update XP via the MS Update page. You may have to revisit the site 4 or 5 times in order to ensure that EVERYTHING is updated. This can take a bit of time too, but it's worth it.

Finally, sit back and enjoy the relative speed that your PC will appear to have gained since the reinstallation of Windows!

Have fun.


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  Mytob 18:40 31 Jan 2006

tnks for the info. i managed to sort it out by deleting both linux partitions and the ntfs partition. at a guess im thinking it was summing to do with windoz not liking grub and throwing a paddy in true Micro$oft style and refusing to install. as for what you said about catching a virus without virus and firewall i had a prob sum years ago with one despite me having av and firewall running. it was win32.welchia.b and kept on rebooting widows befor i could update the av and firewall sigs every time i loged on. looks like im gonna be getting a new removable hd caddy 1 for windoz 1 for linux cause this just takes the piss having to reinstall suse every time i do windoz despite suse workin fine.

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