can't receive emails via outlook express

  rubyred1 18:21 29 Sep 2007

I've just changed broadband providers and have followed the instructions to set up my new emails with outlook express. However I can send but am not receiving. My new provider is sky and I have checked on the sky site for my emails and they are there, so I know they have been sent OK. I know once I have opened them on Sky then they probably won't come via OE as well but I have checked on OE first. I am using OE version 6 on windows XP. I would appreciate any help

  FreeCell 18:28 29 Sep 2007

Does Sky require server authentication for receiving emails? Some ISPs do. Try checking the box for this on the email account settings in OE where you have entered your email account and password.

  rubyred1 18:41 29 Sep 2007

Thanks, I've just done what you suggested and tried to send my husband an email and sent myself one from him and they've not arrived in OE, but just checked on sky and they are on there.

  woodchip 19:10 29 Sep 2007

How have you setup your Sky account? it's POP you should be looking at, as that's for incoming mail.

Dont know what it should be for Sky! could be

  rubyred1 19:13 29 Sep 2007

Yes that's right and I double checked and so can't understand why it's not working

  exodus 19:26 29 Sep 2007

Hi, delete the account and start over.
Guide here.
click here


  Clapton is God 19:46 29 Sep 2007

"I know once I have opened them on Sky then they probably won't come via OE as well"

Not true - unless you've deleted them at Sky web mail.

  rubyred1 19:47 29 Sep 2007

I did this already but I've just tried again as you suggested and I've tested it again and it's not worked

  woodchip 19:56 29 Sep 2007

If you delete them on sky, you will lose them

  exodus 19:59 29 Sep 2007

Just to clarify, I meant deleting the account from OE.

  rubyred1 23:03 29 Sep 2007

many thanks for all your advice. I followed Marg7's link and it is all sorted. It was much more complicated than I imagined but test emails have been sent and received! many thanks, Ruby xxx

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