Can't read packet cd's properly under XP (new comp

  JEG04660 20:18 19 Sep 2003

I have several CD-R written (Win 98) on Sony 4x4x24 using its Spressa software. These are "finalised" and read successfully on that machine's older read-only drive.

I have just bought Multivision's Ionix R95 computer with DVD and CD-RW drives and Win XP with SP1. Several of the disks refuse to read in either drive or, more frequently in the CD drive, display folders but say they are empty. Sample disk read in a Dell with Win Me but failed in another machine with XP. Any advice gratefully read.

Both optical drives are on the secondary controller. Andy (6 Nov 02) replied to mknagg's "CD-ROMS not working" (6 Nov 02) with a "click here" but page no longer accessible.

  torMentor 20:39 19 Sep 2003

and it`s rather limited to one machine, XP has some weird way of doing things when it makes CD`s that won`t even allow me to read UDF disks made with Roxio Cd creator platignum (even though Roxio helped/wrote with the CD system for XP) I have used it a few times to swap files and on the machine concerned (an acer laptop) it could read finalised CD`s but not UDF CD`s, and refused to write to a Blank formated UDF disk, but seems happy to make its own perverted CD`s, I don`t have problems reading the XP disks on my desktop with Roxio, although so far I clear the CD and rewrite the whole thing every time I swap data over since I can`t be bothered to research the XP way of doing things, all "for real" PC owners should have Win98 anyway (joke)


  Simsy 21:08 19 Sep 2003

but you mention in the title of the thread, "packet". I take it you mean that these discs have been written using "packet writing"?

If I've misunderstood that then disregard the rest of this!!

I think you will need to install software specifically to read "packet written" discs.... My understanding is that 'though XP does have a drag/drop cd writing system it is not the "standard" UDF. As a result it will attempt to read a UDF disc, but not do so correctly.

I'm not familliar with the "Spressa" software you mention, but I assume that installing that onto you new machine would suffice.

With apologies if I've got this all wrong!



  JEG04660 22:07 19 Sep 2003

for torMentor and Simsy.

Thanks for your comments, glad I'm not the only one with problems.

Yes, Simsy, you did understand correctly. I'll try loading the Spressa software (though it's not designed for XP) but it's for writing the CDs, I presume reading is governed by the drivers which must be comptible with XP. And, of course, the devices on the new machine are nameless generic ones, not the Sony one for which the Spressa software was provided.

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