Can't reach webpages

  kiz 07:35 17 Apr 2004

For the last week, I have been unable to get any web pages although I can log on to my ISP OK. When I enter a webpage in the address bar, it never loads and eventually I get the standard can't display page. I also can't download updates from Norton AV, so it is not my IE6 connections. I have done a repair of that (from Ad/Remove) to be sure. I have also signed up to another ISP to check it wasn't them but the same problem occurred. I have done a modem check and this has passd OK.
I also noticed that when I was trying to reach webpages with a couple of browser pages open, my mouse went haywire and couldnt be controlled. As soon as I closed the browser, it returned to normal.
Any ideas, please.

  MichelleC 08:26 17 Apr 2004

Are you dialup or b/b and what os? May be worth running spyware removers like Adaware etc.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:26 17 Apr 2004

Do you have any sort of firewall installed? If so, disable it for a time and see if you can get access.

Also, try another browser: Mozilla FireFox is an excellent (free) option.

  kiz 09:44 17 Apr 2004

I am dial up and I do not have a firewall (I know I should!)I will install another browser but can't download it so will have to look for one on a free disc from some mag. I'll let you know in due course.
Someone has suggested it could just be my landline (BT) which is faulty? Is this a possibility?

  kiz 09:50 17 Apr 2004

I dont have any adware installed - could spyware make this happen?
Actually I should come clean and say this isn't my computer but this post is for a friend who is not very computerwise - hence no firewall, adware etc.

  kiz 09:52 17 Apr 2004

Sorry I should also have said Win ME. I have tried to do a system restore for him but after reboot, the window says the restore was not successful. Is this any help?

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