Can't re-install XP

  Pedlow 14:45 22 Jul 2006

I'm trying to re-install XP on my laptop because the version I was supplied with is an illegal copy. I have a Volume License version which I got from my university but because it is older than my current XP, I can't complete the setup?!

  Diodorus Siculus 14:46 22 Jul 2006

Can the laptop boot with the CD? If so, you will be able to install it that way.

  Pedlow 14:50 22 Jul 2006

That's the method I'm using. Sometimes the CD doesn't boot on its own. I'm using the 6 setup floppys and then trying to complete setup using the CD. However, when I swap the drives and try to boot the CD, setup won't continue.

  VoG II 14:52 22 Jul 2006

How to boot from the CD click here

How to install XP click here

  Pedlow 14:56 22 Jul 2006

Hey, I'm not that daft man! I have already changed the boot device order. My problem is that I'm using the 6 floppys to start setup, but when I get to the stage where I'm asked for the CD, the CD won't boot.

  Pedlow 14:59 22 Jul 2006

Sorry, I don't mean to sound rude VoG.

  VoG II 14:59 22 Jul 2006

If you changed to boot from the CD, why do you need the 6 floppies?

  PC Bilbo 15:00 22 Jul 2006

To do what Diodorus Siculus suggests you must set up your CD drive as 1st boot option in the BIOS. You only need the CD in the CD ROM when you restart the computer. You should not need the floppies if it's a full XP Version disk.

The only way I can think it wouldn't work is if the number of installs exceeds the specified volume license.

  Pedlow 15:07 22 Jul 2006

I'm using the 6 floppies because when I try to boot from the CD, nothing happens, And yes, I've changed the boot order etc.

It is a CD-R that was supplied to me by my university through the Miscrosft Academic Alliance. I have used it a number of times before, using this exact method, without any problems.

I think the problem is that the current version of XP on the laptop is newer than the version I'm trying to install?!

  Dell latitude 15:45 22 Jul 2006

im guessing your university did not make the cd-r bootable, they just copied the setup files to a cd. Your only chance with that cd is the 6 floppies which you are trying to use. Which version of xp is on the cd and does it have any service pack?

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