Can't print Word Files

  subi 19:00 04 Jul 2004

Started to print some more copies of a "Multible Labels" document ( created about 3 months ago and was working perfectly until now ) in a Word File and a Windows box stated that there was an error and a report could be sent to Microsoft. I did this. Now every time I want to print any Word File I get the same message. The file causing the problem is a LOCALS~1\Temp\WER268.tmp.dir00\appcompat.txt.
Can anyone advise me how to rectify this problem? I am running Windows XP Professional and it is Word 97 version. I have tried re-loading Word 97 but that hasn't helped.

  VoG II 19:13 04 Jul 2004

Have you tried deleting LOCALS~1\Temp\WER268.tmp.dir00\appcompat.txt ?

  subi 20:50 04 Jul 2004

I have tried to find the file using Search but a box stating "It is not a Valid Folder" appears.

  VoG II 20:54 04 Jul 2004

Just enter


in the Search box.

  subi 21:58 04 Jul 2004

Hi VoG,
Search has found 3 appcompat files. None have todays date on them.
I have also found when I open "Page Setup" in Word and OK it, a box appears stating that "the Settings for the Margins, Column Spacing or Paragraph Indents are too large for the page width in some sections".
No matter what figure I enter in each I still get the box! It's as if it has defaulted to an unusable size!

  THE TERMINATOR 00:18 05 Jul 2004

when you try to print from word does the little printer icon appear? If it does double click on this and delete the current print job(s)....TT

  subi 08:14 05 Jul 2004

As soon as I click OK in the Printer Box, the Windows Word Error Box appears. The Printer Icon also appears. I have clicked this and deleted the Printing Job but the Error message still is displayed. Even if I create a new Word File eg. a letter, the Error Box appears and it will not print it!
All other programmes are printing as normal!
Each error file has got a different WER number in the name but I can't locate any of them when I run a Search!

  €dstowe 08:43 05 Jul 2004

Try repairing Word.

Insert the disc with Word on it and select "Repair"

  hillybilly 09:16 05 Jul 2004

If your running XP Pro make sure you logged on as an administrator, then go into explorer and show all flies and folders including system and hidden ones.

Now if you search for


That should bring up the file your looking for, then you can just highlight it and deleete it.

  subi 10:04 06 Jul 2004

I dont have "Repair" on my version of Word 97.

Ran "Explorer" but cant locate files.

Have isolated the problem to Page Setup in Word. I can't alter the papersize to any other but "Custom". If I insert A4, it defaults to Custom. Also in "Margins" if I alter the figures in Left, Right,Top, Bottom, Header & Footer to what they should be it rejects these figures as being "Too large in some Sections" and resorts back to it's figures.

Could it be the Page Setup has defaulted to "Sections"?
Does anyone know how to rectify this so I can insert the Margins and Paper Size to their proper setting for A4?

  VoG II 10:09 06 Jul 2004

Do a search for the file NORMAL.DOT and rename it to NORMAL.OLD

Start Word.

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