Can't Print Web Pages

  Clonetrooper 15:43 12 Jan 2003
  Clonetrooper 15:43 12 Jan 2003

Using XP.

When trying to print a webpage get an error message:
Access denied
Script error Line 93
Character 1
Code 0

Happens every time.

  Clonetrooper 20:59 13 Jan 2003


  MAJ 21:30 13 Jan 2003

Turn off Script Debugging notification. In IE/ Tools/ Internet options/ Advanced tab/ Browsing Section, untick "Display a notification about every script error". If that doesn't cure it, turn off Script debugging by ticking the "Disable Script Debugging" box just above that one.

  Clonetrooper 21:39 13 Jan 2003


Viewing web pages is OK no error.

The script error comes up when trying to print.

I have uninstalled & reinstalled printer software and no better.

  mark3110 21:46 13 Jan 2003

This is not much help to you Clonetrooper, but I have the same problem (without the error messages), and so does the wife's PC. The microsoft tech support site may have an answer but I havent been bothered to look yet.



  MAJ 21:54 13 Jan 2003

This looks close, Clonetrooper. Take out the space before "support".


  Stuartli 21:58 13 Jan 2003

I seem to remember reading in PCA either this month or the previous issue that the way to do it is not the obvious one.

You have to get it to print from the Clipboard or something on those lines.

Perhaps someone else has a better memory than me - it's due to having grey (sorry silver) hair..:-)

  Clonetrooper 22:39 13 Jan 2003

Thanks MAJ you got it.

  MAJ 22:42 13 Jan 2003

Glad that sorted it, Clonetrooper.:-)

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